If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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I fucking hate being sick

@Pop: D:
That stinks. Is it just a normal cold?

@April: *hugs*

Get well soon! D:

@Red: How you doing?

@red *hugs* give it another day or two i'll be fine

@nero cough, sneezing, excessive tiredness, and until the shot of brandy last night a sore throat. Nothing terribly bad. BTW, I was in the Gaslamp District tonight and then the Navy base.

Also I think I may have a problem especially concerning books...

I told the librarians that they're just enablers with my addiction and they laughed and I don't think any of them took me seriously......

@Pop: That's nothing, my mother has about 3 shelves of books that she reads. Every 2 months she finishes them, sells the books, and then gets new ones.

@nero believe me I could do a lot worse. I'm allowed to check out 30 books from my library at once. I'm at 19 currently. Though I'm turning two in today. Possibly 3 depending on how fast I finish this book I'm reading. My typical MO is to go to the library turn in a book or two and come out with another 2 or 3. And I SHOULD be cleaning my room not spending so much time reading. We see how well that's worked out.

@Pop: There are many things that we should do, but don't do in the end.
For example, I have a speech to give tomorrow and I've not even finished the outline yet. :D
I also have a new project debuting tomorrow and I've not recorded a single episode of it yet. :D
I've royally screwed myself yet again. :D

@nero I had to drop my speech class because I had to do outlines and turn them in BEFORE the speech and was expected to follow the outline. Teacher didn't understand I can't do that. I've taken an extended leave of absence from my 50 shades videos. And my liveblogging Being Human so people stop asking my opinions of it.(the uk version naturally. I'm not touching the us version even if I were paid to)

@Pop: Yeah the outline is due by 11 tomorrow. Perhaps I should've used my disability to my advantage again. >.<
Plus we have to take Com 103 our freshman year. It's a requirement.

Anyway, I'm almost done with that, but another problem I have is that I've still not recorded an episode of FF X International and rendering takes about 2-3 hours since I don't have much RAM. Plus I've not rendered tomorrow's episode of Ape Escape 2 because I herped the derp and accidentally edited episode 22 thinking it was 21...>.>
Naturally I'm freaking out a bit.

@nero I'm sure people on youtube will forgive you if you're a day late with the videos or something like that. And if they don't they're jerks anyway so screw them

It would be a very uhh... awkward experience to wake up in the same bed as... uh... him? Does your avatar have something in their mouth?!

It would be a very uhh... awkward experience to wake up in the same bed as... uh... him? Does your avatar have something in their mouth?!

This thread has be derailed for a LOOOOOOONG time friend, stick around!

Finally an opening to post!
Okay, if tizzy turning his face to me was the first thing I saw in the morning, it would be the third first time I had an accident in my bed.

@Kaleion: actually I meant braid, but it doesn't matter anymore XD

@Neon: You could post in here whenever you want you know. This place is derailed.

If the guy who posted below me really thinks I look like a guy.

@tizzy haiiiiiii *flying tackle hugs*

@nero *tackles you and hugs you*

*is tackled*
Hello Pop.
I am tired as I've had to move about 40 45 lbs tile boxes for the last 2 hours. >.<

@nero h'lo why have you had to move boxes?

@Pop: Boss pawned me off to the Carpenters and my dad put me to work. :P

@nero sounds fun

@Pop: Keeps me busy at least.

I'm thinking, fuck work today.

@Blarg: I think since your in that storm that it'd be understandable.

It's not even snowing that much right now. I'm hoping it picks up in the next hour.

Well I can try and work on my weather machine. XD

@Neronium: Do or do not, there is no "try". Hurry up and make a machine so I don't have to do the anti-rain dance anymore!

@nero weather machine? To make it rain more out here?

@Pop: Well it's coming down hard where I live. What about you.

@Ahri: But...but my machine doesn't create sunshine. All it ever is here is sunshine. >.<

@nero well if you want my full weather reports check here http://gamingtimeladyfromgallifrey.tumblr.com/post/42593203834/our-weather-cant-decide-what-its-doing-in-my and here http://gamingtimeladyfromgallifrey.tumblr.com/post/42604194157/you-guys-it-got-down-to-37-degrees They are both SFW and the second has photos. Long story short though we kind of got snow and I kind of got it on camera. And otherwise it's been off and on rain here

Guys. My eyes hurt, and tea isn't fixing it. Please send help. =[

@Nero: Wanna swap weather, then? =D

@Pop: It hailed a bit here and then started raining. It's stopped for now.

@Ahri: Maybe...>.>

New person in the thread? O.o

*Pokes Ahri*

@Blarg: Why are you poking Ahri? XD

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