If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@xmbts: Not quite new.. Just been on an extended hiatus. *stabs real life*

@Ahri: I meant more along the lines of a fresh face in the thread, it's been a while. :p

@Nero: I poke everybody.

@Blarg: You never poke me. *pokes Blarg with stick*


*ninja hugs Blarg*

@xmbts: Oooo, gotcha. *counter-pokes*

*ninja poofs behind Ahri*
I'm the Glomping Ninja! XD

@Ahri: *Tips over and bursts into flames*

@Nero: <.>

Okay it's been like 2 years since I posted in this thread.
...What'd I miss?

@Scde: Nearly 2000 pages of idle chatter. :p

*poofs atop Nero's head and noms on his hair* >.>

*douses xmbts in water* NO BURNING! Burning is dangerous.

@Scde2: What Blarg said. XD

@Ahri: *gets hair nommed*
Not my Afro! D:

@Ahri: Nah I do it all the time.

@xmbts: <.>

@Max: Shouldn't you be schooling? :P

@Red: I can have multiple tabs open...>.>
Plus I've been working all morning.

@nero I think you should work more, your getting lazy <.<...

hi btdubs

@Lynx: Already finished the homework. :P

@Nero *slap*

o_o...I'm sorry my hand slipped...

*crashes in from the ceiling* ugh

Kick it out. I have no idea who you are. Get out.

If you don't know who I am, does that mean I have to get out too? >>;

*makes sad puppy eyes*

@Red: What?

*puts blindfold over puppy eyes*


*Runs and hides under a bed*

@Ankara: *is hiding under bed*

@Nero: O.O

@Ankara: Didn't you know I'm secretly a ninja. XD

*sets up a trusty pillow fort*

@Nero: *Stares at* O.O

*Disappears in smoke cloud*
*appears behind Ahri's pillow fort*
@Ahri: Excuse me madam, but it would appear that you've taken my pillows.

@Ankara: Hello~

*pokes Blarg with stick*

*attaches teddy bears to stick*

@Nero: It's fine. I'm not stealing them, I'm borrowing them. You can always come join me?

My pillow fort is like a TARDIS. It's bigger on the inside. o:

@Xmbts: Mew~

@Ankara: *gives milk*

@xmbts: *stumbles into whilst blindfolded*

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