If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Good times are a rolling.

Please don't blow me up! OuO

*holds a couple of cartoon bombs in both hands*


*runs toward @kailus13 and @mParadox*

I've missed you too! T^T


*glomps Para head*
We missed you! TT^TT

*glomps Para head*
We missed you! TT^TT

My adoring public! How it adores me. o.o'

So cute... *STOMP*

I think I would need to puke.

Let's have fun she said. I won't bite she said.

What is this thing?

Well, it's far from being the worst thing I could've done.

Oh, well, she looks ni-OH GOD THAT'S CREEPY!

Who do we have here??

I must of been really messed up on something.

*silently creeps out of room*

Well, Frank West certainly is a cool guy, but...

Don't shoot me.

I won't!

*throws cartoons bombs at @Troublesome_Lagomorph*

*cuddles with @mParadox* =3

Yay~ *hugs face*

NEARLY all the ensemble cast is back. Joyous to hear!

Really not sure what the hell I would think.

I'm dead. I'm so very, very dead.

Hm... falling asleep while playing Tetris, gotta stop playing games at such late hours.

Lovely smile you got there! Shows you've been regularly washing your teeth!

Stop looking at me and resume reading.

I've got to stop getting into these kinds of situations.

Not again. Why do I keep getting drunk? I don't even like the taste of alcohol!

Why are you looking at me like that?


*throws cartoons bombs at @Troublesome_Lagomorph*

*tries to knock them back to you with a giant mallet*
OT: Don't steal my ult. Don't do i- Didn't I already say this?!

*cartoon bombs hit head*

Ack! owowowowow!


I seeeee rainbowwwww


please don't eat me



i have a sword

really, stop that

Seriously, stop staring at me like that. It's rather upsetting my zen.

...Or would you rather I told Ashsaver what a lovely liver you have?

So... Um, sup?

I may suplex you.

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