If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Why you so paranoid? You've got guns Blarg. XD

@Nero: Guns don't work on ghosts!

You're a ghost?

@nero ah I see. And Last Sunday I woke up to that staring at me after having a weird dream about a pumpkin mr potato head cross over thing that was going around killing people. And it made me giggle to wake up from that dream and then to see that. So I took a photo and made it my avi. And since I have apparently reached that point of being androgynous that people can't tell if I'm male or female anymore and I'm getting people trying to be OT and calling me a thing I decided to put up an actual thing.

@Shock: I work a part time job as the ghost of christmas present.

@Pop: I see.

Pint-Sized slasher should go away T0ad! >.<

@Nero: Why? Did you try attacking Braun with the get up on XD

No, but I did wear Burton's Wig, a suit, made myself look like Andrew Jackson and shot wads of money at people saying "Stimulus for all!"
It was a parody, I'm independent and not getting into political arguments. >.<
Then I dressed up as a business man and shot cartons of cigarettes at people yelling "Smoking kills!"
...I had many random instances in Fallout 3...

Put your sword away. That doesn't belong in bed.

You sure do love the Gorillas don't you Blarg? XD

I like the music the artstyle and the characters, so yeah maybe a little. >.>

@xmbts: *gives my Valentines day chocolates to*

I don't really feel like eating these...

*gives chocolate to Red*
I bought too much chocolate to drown my sorrows. XD

Oh thanks, leftovers.

Not really leftovers if I haven't opened them.

Regifting Red?
For shame. XD

Why is this thread so dead?

Obviously all your fault.

@Nero: "Emancipating" Paradise falls dressed as Abraham Lincoln has its charm too XD

@Xmbts: *pounces on*
It was scary ;~;
Everyone disappeared D:

@Toad: I do that all the time too. XD
*sees Ankara*
*pounces* XD

What, people are surprised that sometimes there ARE NO PEOPLE?

I would be shocked, but that is someone elses job.

@Nero: Ekk....
*Falls over*

@Ankara: How have you been?

@Unusual: Oh you~

@Nero: I'm ok thank you, how are you?

Oh look, a cat girl. I LOVE KITTIES. But let's hope I survive before I do anything first. :-D

@Ankara: Okay I guess. I've got projects and skits that I have to write for Uni though. >.<
So much homework, mainly because all other schools and Unis are out for President's Day, but not my school because we get President's Day off in December.

Basically, I wish I had time off from school coming soon, but I've gotta wait another month.

OT: Pride, please leave! You ate Gluttony and thus I hate you.

I would, if Forum Games hadn't put such an insidious hold on me. >.>


@silentman: It has the same grip on me, but I have too much work, so I have less time to post regularly.

Is that why I wake up next to you so much?
You like my company? :D
Oh you, try being in this section of the forum for almost 4 years. XD

Tizzy, you dirty little Ninja!

Ninja cat! *disappears with the wind*


So you disappeared back into my bed!?
*pushes out of bed and starts petting Ankara*

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