If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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So...you're a Transformer then?
Needless to say, all those weapons don't fit in my bed.

Considering my feet stick off the end of my bed, I don't think there's enough space for me and a bag of bones with a sword.

Really should concider sleeping indoors, It's really windy out here o.o...

and cold -.-

This is on the rails? What happened? What sorcery is this?!

And, well at least is not annoying fairy.

Are you SURE my bed is the best place to be hiding from Navi?

I'm sure it is, besides you can play with my awesome sideburs if you want to.

I think I'd rather cut them off. They make you look weird >.>

Would you please be a dear and blink?

Would YOU be a dear and not wear your best suit to bed?!

Would you be a dear and wear some more clothes?

Pff, *kicks*

*kicks outta bed as well*
You sleep on the couch Blarg.

*Sets bed on fire*

Why Shock! D:
I was sleeping very comfortably and now I've got no bed.
Looks like I'm bunking at your house. :D

This seems to have backfired on me >.>

I'm sure you have a large comfy bed. >.>

then it's settled... Everyone to shock's bed!

I'm not too fond of that idea <.<

*falls in through the ceiling*

*picks up Pop*
You okay?

OT: Out of my bed pumpkin thing!
Or should I say Shock's bed.

I don't think I'm comfortable in sleeping in Shock's bed... especially if I'm sharing it with you crazy peoples. And a bag of bones.

You know you like waking up next to a dead guy~ :D

This is like the third time now >.>

Well I wouldn't mind waking up next to Shock >.>

Well, maybe not when shes been drinking.

@nero nope not ok at all. why did this thread get back on topic? I go away for a weekend and suddenly too much OT.

*Kicks out of a window.*

Now now, don't be mean!

@Pop: We want to bring more people into FGs and this thread seems to be doing it. ^.^

OT: Not the cannon! >.<

Can you guys actually see my avatar? Because all it's showing for me is a broken image link thing.

I can see it.

@Some: I can see it. That's why I freaked out about the cannon.

OT: Why hello again Shock~

Why do people call me "Some"? Why not the easier "Stuff"? Or even "Lame"?! >.<

OT: You have a lot of sharp edges poking me there. Stick to your side or get off!

I'll call you lame :P

@Lame: Very well, you shall be now known as Lame.

OT: Might as well give me a key Shock~

Get out of my bed >.>

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