If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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I barely fit onto my bed already! GETOFF!

*Pushes off bed* I told you to aim that somewhere else like 5 times already >.>

It was forced back on topic to attract more peoples before it went back off topic again =P

You can't have too much off topic =P

What is this? And DEAR GOD BIG BLUE THING!

Oh come on! ANOTHER skeleton?

Outta the way, I'm only here for the pettanko!

I feel kinda creeped out >.<

You know you love skeletons Lame! :P

Skeletons shouldn't be in bed...

Agreed... they should be faaaaaaaaaaar away from me >.>

Out the window.

You hate skeletons, yet here I am. :P
Also, I love your hair.

*burns the bed*

>.>... told you you couldn't save it!

My eye may be on fire, but I don't need the BED to be on fire too!

That's probably like the 10th bed to burn up.

Hello Shock. ^.^
Shall we go back to bed?

It's on fire though.

It's a nice lady! I don't mind at all!

I recall there was a time when a paradox used to be in this thread...

Okay, Tetris time! It's your fault if I'm killed. :-P

*Throws out of the nearest window*

Oh crap! *Runs around like mad evading the blocks of death!*

*Throws witches at*

Stop shooting at me Blarg!

Resisting urge to set you on fire...

We could be such good friends. :3

*starts messing with ears*

*starts messing with ears*

HEY! I called evilneko! >:-(

*turns off lights*
No shadows for you Pride! :P

*turns on lights*
just to spite you :D



KITTY!! *Glomps*

*starts petting*
Pet the kitty, pet the kitty. XD

Ninja! D:
OT: No more armored evils please. Need to learn to lock my door.

yes! yes you do!

*being crushed to death by a little cat girl being crushed by a suit of armor*

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