If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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I leave for a day or two and the rails are back on the thread. Someones gonna need 50 lashes now.

@Fiction: *Waves* =^_^=

@Staika: O.O
It wasn't me *Flees*

@Ankara: yes it does not appear to have been you. No matter I will wait here with my pointy things for the culprit to appear.
Also staika is spelled with an i not an l, I'll let it slide because it made me laugh XD

@Staika: I don't know what you are talking about
Stupid small screen >.<

@Ankara: I don't know what I'm talking about either.......
Maybe I've just gone insane O.O

@Staika: Good, it's more fun that way =^_^=

@Ankara: Yes being insane is rather fun. It helps that I am essentially a death bringing crazy man who's out to destroy everything. Just chalk insane up for my qualifications and I'm golden.

... o_o ...

I feel out of place... Good night. *pets ears* ... Wait... What sorcery is this!?

@AnkaraTheFallen *waves back*

Oh hey Ankara is back.

@Xmbts: *pounces on*
Yup =^_^=

*pounces on Ankara*
Hi there. :3


Too close sir... Way too close...

Whatever you are...please get out of the bed...nao...


That's it, someones getting 100 lashes.

*gets out before a way to die has been picked*

@Nero: O.O
*Falls over*
Hello =^_^=

@Staika: *Hides*

How have you been deary? :3

I've been great, thanks!

...you were talking to me right?

*ties up tizzy*

Now you must pick a wacky death or else I'll rip yer arms off!

Uuh!? *picks one*

"The feels" huh? Nothing can affect my feels!

@Tizzy: Excellent, sadly you will still get your 100 lashes.

*gives tizzy the 100 lashes*

No! Not the lashing!

*picks another* Narwahls eh?

No! Not the horn!

@tizzy: Prepare for battle!

Yay, Narwhals! I love those things :3

@Ruedyn: Don't make me lash you with the narwhals. I saw you rerailing the thread earlier o.O

*walks in slow and chill like, shoulders low enough to slip through cracks.

yay for awkward silence...

Your the akward yellow electric furry.

Can't tell if the rails are returning, will keep the whip at the ready. just in case.

Good idea, the day the rails go back on the thread dies.

I should increase the security on the thread. Maybe add some cyborg attack dogs and killer robots. Yes that would work nicely. Or better yet give all of the thread rerailers to ash, I think she would like new toys to play with.

Death by The Hamster Dance?

Oh god no...

Yeah, she could use the exercise.

Dance kitty dance! or else I'll sic the cyber dogs on ya!

@Fiction: And it could possibly keep her from attacking me, that would be awesome >.>

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