If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Whoa, white hair. Freaky.

Where are you hiding all the hamsters? >:/

*Looks at Zapdos with one eyebrow raise*

Well it explains why my hair is standing up.


This dog isn't doing it for me

Wouldn't you prefer those eevee gals I sent you for your birthday?

Yes I would! Now get out of the bed!

No, you get out of MY bed. Or no eevee gals.

Ok then.....

That should teach you not to start a fight with me.

Would you like some cheesecake?

I wonder how much I could sell this art for...

And I wonder whether or not to throw this master ball at you.

What angels have visited and brought me this beautiful gift?

How does one even wind up in the same bed with a talking statue?


Can't complain.

Don't get any of that stuff on me. Maybe it would be best if you just put the mustard away.

*takes blankets*

Susan? SUSAN! It's happening again!

Maybe I shouldn't have hogged the blankets...

Who wears a hat in bed?

Awww crap I really should't have had that fifth tequila shot...

I knew this would happen sooner or later. <_<

Here, have a brownie and this complementary CD of the Geto Boys' greatest hits.

What the fuck happened last night? O_o

I'm assuming you had fun?

Well that was shocking.

Shall I take you constant head shaking to mean that you didn't enjoy yourself?

It seems the Mafia forgot it's supposed to be a horse head, not an entire horse.

Mortal...you have been chosen.

I've been drinking again huh? Well, better put this statue back.

Redlin, I think you have very serious alcoholism.

Get the out of my bed, Daedra!

You are such a hypocrite!

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