If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Combo Breaker!


I feel refreshed. Let's make cookies!

@Dango: Well, you can't. She's my avatar! Bwahahahahaha!

Ummm... rawket lawnchair?

So... did we have sex?

What do you remember?

@Sacman According to the last few images... no.

OT: Wanna go play Fuzion Frenzy?

This makes Sacman sad...<.<





*Pounds half a pound of crack...*

*Takes the crack away*

*Arrests for drug possession*

And here I thought we had something special.

I find you guilty.

goes back to sleep.

Be still. This is all just a dream.

Damn it, not again. *drives away in Landmaster*

Can't let you do that, starfox! *throws smart bomb at him*

Not the worst thing I've found in my bed the day after.

You looked so much better with the beer goggles on.

um, the patch looks tempting, I wonder what I'll do with that?

Same to you and your mask, mysterious man/woman.

"Pie in the face good sir?"

Maybe after October. I don't like pumkin. Now let me sleep please.

what kind of pie are you serving?

Spy, round here!



*Lights up a cigarette*
Huh, once you go cyborg you really do want to go back. Get out of here.
*Kicks her out the window*

Excuse me. I must go.

*Takes a cold shower*

That hat is awfully distracting...

Ohhh, so cute~!


I mean... well, what are you doing up on the bed?

*Lights up cigarette*

Huh, once you go necrophile, well it's just blatantly illegal.

*Kicks it out the window*

Let's see, this situation will require the most advanced stratagem to deal with... I bever thought it'd come to this.

*toots vuvuzela and runs*

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