If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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*Looks at the vuvu.*


That was fun.


Help! I'm being emonapped!

*Yells* Honey get the gimp up here, We've already got him cuffed to the bed...<.<

Well that was different....

Hey they only left their business card!

Oh crap a bus!

If you want make a getaway...Make sure I'm not in the car.

Darn Sacninja.


I think the police are going to be after me now.

Halo hello.

Oh holy fuckin non existent Christ a bus!

Holy fecking possibly non existent but still who knows in this crazy mixed up world anymore christ. A Lain!


... In a bus.

I see...

*Smacks with a golf club repeatedly. A fiery object emits from his body. I catch.*

Watch where you put that thing >.<

Ok, one of us has some explaining to do and I'm pretty sure its you.

If it makes you feel any better, I was intoxicated, too.

There were 3 in the bed and Best of the 3 said: "get the fuck out!"

...You must have been SERIOUSLY drunk. I know I was.

Wait, you knocked me out with what again?

Well, first things first, which one of us let a draft in?


Red spy in the base.


We have to protect the intelligence!

This whole team is babies.

Snake!? Oh, wait, you're not Snake. It's just cause you have an eye patch and ya know...

How come you're wearing that hat? Is it a holiday or your birthday or something?

Is actually a master troll who is so good he doesn't even know he's trolling us...<.<

OT:@Sacman: Umm, wrong thread.

Was it good for you!? WAS IT GOOD FOR YOU!? *Uncontrollable sobbing and wailing*

@Xpwn3ntial: You're in the wrong thread!!!

OT: You know what a one eyed trouser snake is?

@Sacman: My what in the wrong thread?

OT: Uggh, morning breath.

@Xpwn3ntial: Your grammar is in the wrong thread!!!

OT: Yes, nothing poking me in the butt this morning...<.<

I already have a boyfriend, sorry

Hey there don't mind me, I was just watching you while you sleep.

@Sacman: Nice save.

OT: Oh, hello. Why are you still here?

Why is your hat moving when we're inside!?

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