The Children of Geass (Code Geass RP) (Accepting/Started)

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"That is fine, I am sure she will come to us once she knows what will happen otherwise. Someone will come to you later with a way of contacting you, he will speak to you the password which is 'The curse of Geass.' then you reply 'Aime is the tyrant.' for now I will cease communications. Goodbye Antie."
He closed the channel and made his way to his fridge where he pulled out a pizza. Then he sat down infront of the television and watched while eating.

"Indeed," said Nunnally as Arthur turned of the video channel. After summoning Edwyn and discussing with him the conversation she just had, she said
"He must not get C.C. under any circumstances."
"Agreed your highness." said Edwyn.
"Try to find out anything you can about this 'Aime'. And now we know that there is at least one other person with Geass." Nunnally sighed. And we need to try and find C.C. before he does, or else..."

"Good. I want to make that bastard pay for what he did to us." Xandus said coldly

Xandus turned around and started walking out of the room.

"I'm going to go read Michael's file now. Call me when you want me to find him, brother." he said, a smile on his face

Xandus left Aime's room and began maneuvering down the hallway to his place.

Unbenounced to Nunnally he had left the sound on. He turned the channel completely.
"Now I know she'll hunt for her and as soon as she finds her so will I."
He pressed a few buttons on his remote and a picture of C.C. Appeared.
"C.C, oh C.C. you know not the trouble that I have brought upon you..."

Michael was getting worried.

He had been working for the Canadians for some time now, terminating key Military Officers within the conflict. Bt by bit, the Canadians where slowly starting to realize Michael's skill and were taking notice of him personally. While this was good, it allowed him to rise in importance for the so called 'Immortal Brittania', this also meant that there was a higher chance that he would be recognized as a Geass user.

For the most part, there was relatively few risks within Immortal Brittnia itself. No one there, he has seen so far anyway, knows about the Geass. Though that was still an assessment not yet fully confirmed. There could be, possibly, those higher within Lelouch's government that knows of Geass but really, what are the odds of that? Lelouch would have complete control over Canada itself due to his Geass, he would have no need to tell anyone about it.

Still, Lelouch was never stupid. He would organize a team and give them the knowledge and power necessary to eliminate any Geass user they come across, or turn them. He had to be ready for the possibility that Lelouch would have teams spread out to track down and eliminate potential Geass users. He had to be prepared for every contingency.

However, the greatest threat came from The Black Knights. It was possible records of the entire facility he was in survived. If so, then that meant that the Black Knights knew practically everything about the Geass users. Empress Nunnally would, probably, not have the spine to eliminate surviving Geass users. Maybe. But Zero, and every member of the Brittanian nobility that knew of the Geass, would be hunting for them. Either for conversion to their side, or termination.

Which was the reason for the current assignment. The Canadians had sent him to eliminate certain key members within the military installation several miles away from the front line. In truth, every military officer, from Lieutenant to General, where targets. They were merely divided from Tier 1, eliminate at all costs, to Tier 5, eliminate if possible.

Michael would do so, of course. He needed the approval of the little men that Lelouch employed to get him nearer to the so called 'Immortal Emperor'. But he needed more information about what exactly the Black Knights were up to. Fortunately, his Geass was vital to this.

Michael infiltrated the complex, dressed in Brittanian uniform and bearing Brittanian arms. He approached a Lieutenant, one of those under Tier 5. The man had just finished talking to one of his subordinates when Michael approached him asked him in a perfectly respectful voice.

"Sir! There is a situation in Sector 2, near the munitions chamber Sir!"

The Lieutenant responded admirably, though quite predictable. His entire body arched up, as though his spine was shot with electricity and responded, "What! Where the he-"

'Show me the location of General Lecter'

Images came flying into his mind. Numerous images of the General himself, talking with his troops, and advising his Colonels. But no location.

Michael's eyes flinched in annoyance, giving up a memory of an inconsequential Noble that one of the Assassins had met, glancing around him he spoke again.

'Show me someone who does.'

The images of General Lecter were replaced with another man, younger, less experienced, but still more important than this Lieutenant. Colonel Largus.

Michael nodded, content with the information and, mindful of his mission, spoke again.

'Show me how to breathe.'

The Lieutenant's face was blank for a moment, then his eyes started to show panic. He began gasping for air, attempting to fill his lungs but lacking the knowledge to do so. Michael swapped the knowledge of breathing with his own knowledge of how to breathe. There was a slight vertigo, where Michael's body forgot, then learned, how to breathe. Michael found an empty broom closet, cliched but sure, and stuffed the rapidly dying man into it.

He began moving quickly. With the first death, he had to deal with all the officers in 30 minutes, and he knew exactly how to do so.

Damien laughed as he walked down the streets, having fun on his day off with his friends from the military. Quite a few were Japanese, but that didn't matter anymore, thank God. They ducked into a coffee shop, jokingly ridiculing Damien for his inability to drink alcohol. Damien smiled. Llyod had given him the day off, and he was glad for it. He hadn't realized how much he had wanted to try and be normal for once. Then his phone rang. He checked the number; it was Llyod. "Ah well, all good things must come to an end." He sighed. "Sorry guys, I gotta take this." One of his mates shook his head. "Damn, you work too hard. You're like one of those windup toys. I'm just wondering when you're gonna wind down." The group laughed as Damien smiled. He wondered where the hell they got the liquor, because that joke... sorta sucked. hard. Damien stepped out. "Damien, you're wanted in the throne room. Empress Nunnaly asked for you personally. I'd hurry up if I were you!" Llyod chuckled. "Tell her Highness I'm on my way." Damien said. He began to run.

He arrived in the throne room, only slightly out of breath. He bent down to kneel on his right knee and swept his right arm across his chest while bowing his head, in the proper sign of respect. "You asked for me, your Highness?" He inquired.

Xandus sat in his room, reading with his fingers the information given to him on Michael Cambiare. He skimmed through most of the unimportant things, keeping his focus on learning about Michael's Geass, location and personality.

Xandus had learned that Michael was working as an assassin for both Britannia and Immortal Britannia. His Geass allowed him to fuck with other peoples' minds, extracting aspects and wiping away knowledge. He found out that Michael had to erase something from his mind in order to absorb a new aspect.

He was apparently a ruthless and amoral person, looking out for himself and not caring for others.

"A selfish jerkass who mind rapes people. Boy, I can't wait to meet him!" Xandus thought sarcastically

"Yes," said Nunnally who was was sitting next to Lord Edwyn.
Edwyn replied, "Due to a network security breach, we can't talk here. Follow us."
Damien replied "Yes, my lord."
Nunnally and Edwyn left the throne room with Damien following close behind. They were silent until they entered a small, but luxurious, sitting room, one with no external network connection.
"Our technicians are overhauling our video network. Recently somebody has hacked into our video network to talk to the Empress directly, a young boy named Arthur she described. He claims to be working against Immortal Britannia and gave us information on it's leader. He also-"
"Has Geass," interrupted Nunnally. "He has the power to impersonate anyone exactly. Which would explain how someone was able to imitate my brother. He wants a girl, a girl named C.C. She knew my brother around the same time he became Zero and apparently is able to give people the power of Geass. This boy says he wants C.C. to keep her safe from the Immortal Britannians..."
"But this is an obvious damn lie by Arthur to get his scheming hands on her," said Edwyn. "We need to secure her first Mr. Lier. We will be changing your original orders-"
"Please Damien, find C.C. before any danger comes to her," said Nunnally sincerely. "We have a picture of her right here."
Edywn handed a picture to Damien, revealing a young woman with long green hair.
"Unfortunately, we have absolutely no info on her exact whereabouts," said Edwyn. "We had Cécile Croomy run a face recognition program on our international security camera networks. We had only 6 possible matches, one of them is making her way to Canada. We normally just have our special police teams pick them up, but I have very little doubt that Arthur knows what we did if he still was connected to our networks. The Empress wants you to find C.C's possible match on her way to Canada."
"I think that this match is her, I would think that she would want to see the person who acted as Lelouch," said Nunnally, "Please do this for me Damien, we need to make sure she is safe so nobody hurts her."

Michael ran into several other targets, of varying Tiers but none of whom had the information he wished. Colonel Largus himself was a Tier 2, a target which he should go out of his way to eliminate. The reason for this, from what he had learned, was that the Colonel was viciously anti-Lelouch, even more so than his regular loathers. An anti among antis you might say, if that was possible.

But for all of that, he had little political capital. His main threat was his military skill, and the fact that a good portion of the military currently within Canada agreed with him. His loss would either entail a loss of moral, or turn this conflict even faster into an all out war that it already was.

Unfortunately, he didn't know where the hell the bastard was. As it was, he kept going through the officers list for each Tier, but no one seemed to know where the hell he, or the General was. Which was the reason for his continued, and not very subtle infiltration, into the military base. He avoided major movements and shows of his powers in front of the cameras, but it was only a matter of time before the military personel themselves would get suspicious of where the five men that Michael had already disposed of went to.

Michael saw a Major, Tier 3, a target of opportunity. He came up to him and, just in time, noticed he had four guards along with him. Michael wanted as many of his targets dead before the night was out. Michael deliberately bumped into the Major, causing his guards to start moving towards him to extricate Michael and explain himself. Foolish.

'Show me your current Assignment details. All of them.'

Images flashed through his mind, double than normal, but still the same. Protect Major Luca. Obey Major Luca. Employment of deadly force authorized. Michael exchanged his knowledge of more inconsequential Britannia backstabbings.

While they were momentarily stunned, Michael looked to the Major as well. Still wondering what the hell was going on before he met Michael's eyes.

'Show me where Colonel Largus, and/or General Lecter is'

Images flashed through his mind, numerous images. But these had a meaning. A purpose. Yes. There they were. Sector 25. High security clearance. Authorization Code 517-Alpha-White-Lamba. Meeting towards continued assaults into Immortal Brittania. May or may not act in accordance with Empress Nunnaly's orders. Current knowledge incomplete.

Everyone else of Michael's targets where there.


He let go of the previous memory that he held, which told him where the Major would be. He finished the job with a final command.

'Show me Every good memory you hold dear. Every. One.

Even as he began to trade the details of a messy Brittanian affair he cared nothing about, the memories flooded. A loving wife. A son. Joy at his accomplishments. Good times with his soldiers. Visits to his parents. Taking his entire family to a visit to Mt.Fuji before Lelouch wiped it off the face of the earth....

The Major began screaming, the combination of a sudden emptiness in his mind, the knowledge he was missing something, that he was sinking into despair now, driving him insane. He began to claw at his own face, bloody crimson streaks appearing on it. Michael easily swiped the logo on his chest that signified him a Major and quickly put it on his own, the surrounding soldiers to disturbed by the sudden feeling of forgetfulness, and by this unknown man's sudden panic attack. Michael quickly took command.

"You." Pointing to half of the Major's former bodyguards. "Bring this man to the medical bay, see that he is taken cared of and treated to the best of the doctors' ability, is that clear? No one is to question it. If someone were to question you, simply say to bring it up with me. Understand?"

The pair were still dazed and, knowing how crucial this was, Michael continued to press his luck.


That snapped them out of it. After an unconscious glance towards the Major insigna on Michael's chest, they gave no more questions. They responded with a crisp "Yes Sir!" and took the Major to the medical bay.

Michael was doing mental calculations in his head now. 7 minutes to the med bay. 5 minutes to Sector 25. 3 minutes diagnosis of the Major's problems, with an additional 5 minutes to be certain. 4 minutes to get through the security systems. 3 minutes before the doctors asked what happens, with 2 minutes before the soldiers realize there was something wrong. 1 minute to gain the information required from General Lecter and kill everyone inside the room. 12 minutes to set the military munitions . 3 minutes after the soldier's realize something was wrong, search parties would be sent to look for an unknown major and the General would be informed of a possible security breach. 4 minutes to go through security systems, due to the classified nature of the meeting. 1 minute after that to send a general alarm throughout the base. 5 minutes to leave the complex after munitions are armed. 3 minutes after, bombs ignite.

Overall, 28 minutes before kill teams are sent out with full authority to use deadly force, and 27 minutes to complete the mission, 30 to get well away from the complex.


Enzo watched his team prepare and wished he had something more to do. His team consisted of two long range knightmares, two heavy artillery, and himself, Carlos, and Mitsurugi with float units. Once everyone was prepared they moved in towards the enemy base and had the snipers scan for perimeter guards. There were 3 squads of non-knightmare patrols and only 4 knightmares. He could guess that there would be turrets and more knightmares inside plus regular troops.

"Snipers, take out the knightmares. Artillery, you get the ground patrols then the outer walls. Takashi, when you breach the wall switch to your secondary weapon and help us take the inside; William, you stay out here with your cannon and take care of any heavy armor that comes within range. Snipers, you will stay out here and keep anyone or anything that gets past me from escaping; we don't want the enemy to know this has happened until we are long gone. Now, commence the attack."

The enormous knightmare rifles fired at the same time as the mortar cannons. A bright and loud display of death and destruction took place at the base in the valley below them. Then Enzo and his guards took off with their float units and flew towards the target. They landed and zipped into the hole that had been blasted into the wall and began shooting. Enemy personal fired at them with machine guns and rifles but they couldn't even scratch the knightmares.

What are we doing here? There is nothing here worth all of the destruction as far as I can tell. What is Zero trying to accomplish by sending me on these pointless missions?

Enzo and his men cleared out the base. A quick scan showed that the personnel had destroyed their computers as soon as the attack started and they hadn't contacted their people. Enzo was walking up and down the line of 23 prisoners when he stopped in front of a random person in a lab coat.

"What were you doing in this base?"
"I'll never tell you anything scum!"

Enzo raised his hand and worked his geass magic. The scientist punched himself in the face, hard. Then he put a hand around his own throat.

The man wheezed and said, "If it wasn't for that damn C.C., demons like you wouldn't exist."

Enzo paused for a moment at this and the man relaxed his grip on his throat. Enzo looked curious and asked, "What did you just say?"

The man refused to repeat himself so Enzo raised his hand again and forced someone who looked like a maintenance worker to kick the scientist in the stomach. The man fall backwards and hit his head on the ground, knocking himself out.

"Someone wake him up."
Enzo suddenly Grunted as a sharp pain hit his right eye for a split second and was then gone.
"What are you waiting for, wake him up!"
"We don't have time sir." Carlos replied.
"What are you talking about?"
"Enemy radars picked up residuals from the fight and scouts are on their way here."

Enzo suddenly looked angry, which was unusual. He grunted and told his men to get back into their knightmares.

"Wait, someone get the scientist."
"Sir we have no way to transport him, we need to go right now!"

Enzo looked back at the unconscious scientist with a strange look of longing in his eyes.
He climbed into his knightmare and pressed the detonator for the bombs that they planted in the base. The explosion was large and he and his men used their float units just in time to get away from the avalanche it caused. The enemy backup that had just arrived was buried under the snow and with that, all of the loose ends had been tide up. Now there was one thing left.

"Mitsurugi, you've been a black knight since the early days, have you ever heard of anyone or anything called C.C?"

The radio was silent for a moment and then Mitsurugi responded, "No, I've never heard of it before."

Enzo thought there was something odd about Mitsurugi's tone of voice. It sounded like the same tone of voice someone would use to tell you that aren't allowed to know the answer to the question. It was subtle but Enzo had learned to recognize it when he was a prisoner.

Is Zero hiding more from me than I thought? If he is, then Mitsurugi will no doubt tell him that I asked. There's no way to keep him quiet that wouldn't look suspicious so I'll just have to ride it out. I don't know what you're keeping from me Zero; you might have good reason, but I'll figure this out.

He kept running the name C.C. through his head the whole way back to the base.

Xandus had finished reading the information he was given on Michael. He put the file aside and leaned back on his chair.

"Now all I have to do is wait for Aime to give me the green light." he said to himself

Despite what he knew about Michael, Xandus was looking forward to meeting him. Xandus had believed up until recently that he was dead along with everyone else he grew up with. It would be nice to talk with Michael again, even though he had barley known him before.

Aime looked at his watch as a dark figure appeared behind him.
"Here so soon?"
The dark figure leaned on the wall.
"How goes the hunt?"
Silence again.
"Good, continue looking."
The dark figure disappeared as swiftly as it appeared and Aime got up and headed made his way to Xandus.
"You can head out whenever you want, sooner rather then later would be preferable however."
He tossed him a phone.
"On that phone is two numbers. One for me to tell me you have him and the other to request back-up. This mission is of the upmost importance, do not fail."

"Don't worry. I won't mess up." Xandus said

Xandus got out of his chair and walked over to a wood chest. Inside were a bandana, a piece of cloth and a few pieces of armour. Xandus took the cloth and bandana out, wrapping them around his mouth and eyes.

"So I'm going to be taking a knightmare to his location, right?" he asked "Also, Should I ask some of our officers in the area if they've seen him?"

"Yes and yes. If you need help then get it, you can get you're Knightmare from the Hanger. It's your standerd Gloucter with an advanced float system atached, I hope you won't have to use its weapons though..."
He leaned on the wall.
"If things get really bad, call me. I'll come in no time."

Xandus had attached the pieces of armour onto his shoulders, hands, and lower legs. He turned to Aime.

"Alright. I'm going to go find Michael now. I'll convince him to join us, brother." he said

Xandus exited the room and headed towards the hangar where the knightmare was.

Damien took the picture and memorized the face. He nodded. If he had to, he could create a false image of this woman. He put the picture in his pocket and secured it. "Yes, your Highness. I will retrieve C.C. However, your Highness, I have three questions. One: Will I need a Knightmare Frame for this mission? Two: Do I have the right to do whatever I deem necessary to retrieve this woman, within moral bounds? And finally, three: Are there any complications about this woman, or the mission in general, that might compromise sucess?" Damien always wished to have any knowledge that might increase the success possibility of the mission, no matter how insignificant the percentage. However, he felt as if these questions might impact the outcome quite heavily.

In reality, Sector 25 wasn't really a Sector at all. All it was is a large room, with enough communications gear to wage a defense of the installation, enough food and water to last weeks, and defenses strong enough to lock out anything except a Knightmare.

So when Michael came across the two guards stationed to defend the doors to Sector 25, he knew pretending to be a Major wouldn't pull through. So he removed the Insignia from his chest beforehand and approached the two.

The first soldier, a Lieutenant, stopped him. "State your business here trooper."

Michael nodded, he knew that saying anything to attempt to shock them into letting him in would be futile, they would simply tell the Generals and Colonels of the problem and dismissed him. So, he decided to use his Geass again. He looked at the Lieutenant in the eyes and whispered.

Show me the Emergency Authorization codes for access into Sector 25.

Images flowed through. A Colonel approaching him. Promoting him. Telling him to allow no one to enter. Recognition Code 835-Brown-Orange-Brown.

He turned to look at the other man, seemingly jittery at the apparent nausea of his friend and looking at Michael suspiciously. He shrugged.

'Forget everything from the past ten seconds.

The man's suspicious face immediately turned bored. Michael brushed past the first man and spoke to the second in a, what Michael fancied anyway, a very serious voice.

Recognition Code 835-Brown-Orange-Brown.

The man practically jumped. He spoke into a microphone at the wall, quite panicky almost, and the door to Sector 25 opened. Michael didn't spare him a second glance as he went inside

General Lecter sat at the head of a very long table. From the mission files, Michael recognized the rest of his targets, and calmed himself to do the final, well, almost final, phase to the plan.

The Soundproof door closed behind him.

The General looked at him and said "Yes? What is it?"

Michael looked back and said

'Show me all of your knowledge about Geass.'

Images flashed. Many, many Images. But all of them had only to do with 2 people, Lelouch and...

Colonel Largus.

He looked at them all now. They were quite shocked now, looking at Michael due to what he had just said. Except the Colonel, he was wisely looking away from Michael. He smiled.

'Show me how to Breathe.'

All of them, except Colonel Largus, started to claw at their throats. No oxygen coming into their lungs. Some of them began to take out their pistols or attempt to charge him, Michael contemptuosly said.

'Show me how to fight.'

Their knowledge, which was quite extensive, came into him. Pistols. Assault Rifles. Machine Guns. Knives. Swords. Knightmare Frames. Hand to Hand combat. Explosives....

That stopped them dead in their tracks.

Michael felt an extremely sense of Nausea come across him as his mind took all the information. He sacrificed all the needlessly dramatic tales of Brittanian social life. Well, except those that could be used as blackmail info of course.

He approached the Colonel and easily countered the knife slash that so hastily tried to slice his neck. He held onto the Colonel's arm and kneed him in the balls. At the same time, he took the knife, put the Colonel's hand on the table, wood as it was, and stabbed his hand.

The Colonel howled, giving Michael the appropriate eye contact he needed.

'Show me everything you know about Geass'

Images flowed into his mind. Lelouch, was the first, which Michael already knew. Then his former accquaintences who, apparently, were still alive. How nice. Then images of others. Lelouch's Father. Lelouch's Mother. V.V. Mao...

But none about little old Michael. Fantastic.

Michael pulled out his own gun and shot the Colonel in the head. He then approached the steel door and let himself out. The soldiers were bred to keep things quiet. They wouldn't look behind them, and they would allow no one else to look behind them. At least unless they were specifically ordered to. The door closed and Michael walked briskly towards the Munitions department.

Lord Edwyn and Empress Nunnally looked at each other briefly, with Nunnally nodding.
Edwyn said "You will have your Knightmare at your disposal. But I must say, use it discretely and when necessary."
The empress said, "I trust your judgment Damien, but remember that we are trying to ensure her safety. You are not to bring her in against her will."
"We don't know what exactly could await you. But it is obvious that Immortal Britannia wants her so they can breed some kind of army of Geass warriors. They may no more, the same, or even less than us. So be on your guard."
Nunnally then added, "I have known this person long ago. But there is one detail about her that I remember vividly..."
Damien waited for an answer to which Nunnally smiled and said "Follow the pizza."

Michael looked around the munitions department, looking for the best way to turn the entire base into a raging inferno. There were several ways this could be done, ranging from effective to 'Are you out of your mind?'. Of course, the question wasn't how he could turn this entire base to a smoldering ruin, but how to do so and get his ass out of there as well.

It wasn't like they had stacked all their ammunition and fuel in one area either. They were all in separate blast chambers, designed to eliminate the damage that an entire chamber would pull on the surrounding structure. It was fairly certain that, even if all the blast chambers blew at once, they would still be sufficiently contained.

Security on them were high as well, ensuring no would be saboteur would eliminate everyone on the base. Everyone here were trained professionals as well, meaning that Michael couldn't count on any of their mistakes.

All in all, it would be much better if Michael simply left. His mission parameters were complete, he didn't need to burn the base and damn several hundred military and civilian personnel into a fiery death.

But he had to. Michael knew that there was a possibility that a Black Knight, or one of their friends, recognize that the Generals that dued upstairs weren't because of some gas attack but because of the power of Geass. Which would alert them, one way or another, of a Geass user with the capability of infiltrating a highly defended Military complex, kill several dozen high ranking officers, and leave before anyone knew that said officers were dead. They would employ as many operatives as necessary to take his head.

So there had to be no evidence whatsoever. Burning only Sector 25 would be nice, but then the Black Knights would realize there was something worth hiding there and investigate. Nor was he entirely confident he could cause an Inferno before the 2 guards outside notice. THEN he couldn't kill the guards either, since they served to slow down the men that the Doctors would send about a possible security breach.

A selective strike on the entire wing of the complex where Sector 25 resided in seemed best, but Michael lacked the capability to do so.

For now.

Michael re pinned the Major insignia to his chest. It would have been nice, to take the Colonel or higher ranking badge from the other officers, but no one would believe a Colonel was sent downside to commission fuel.

Michael approached the officers in charge of the Fuel and Ammunition in the current Blast Chamber. He spoke before they could say anything.

'Show me everything you know about the Officers here.'

Michael was disinterested with the flood of Information, instead giving the memory of the list of men he had killed. He still had the paper of those he killed. They were dead now, Michael didn't need to know their names.

They swayed a little, and Michael took advantage of their confusion. "Warrant Officer. Lieutenant."

They caught themselves from their confusion and looked at his badge. They immediately saluted.


Michael responded with some amusement. "I need an ammunition and fuel resupply for Battle Group Dragon. Standard Resupply procedures. I want them to gather in Sector 5-V to link up with their escort team. Understood?"

"Yes Sir!"

Michael walked away, letting them do their jobs. Sector 5-V was as close as any vehicle could get to Sector 25. At the same time, it was also nearby the communications tower that the Base used to receive and assign orders from the field. The loss of that would cause a communications black out, giving him time to run away and the Canadians an advantage.

Michael made some more calculations. The time it would take them to bring the fuel would be roughly the same it would take for them to announce an alert. The Chaos from that could be used to his advantage.

Michael swiped a communications device from a nearby Lieutenant and moved on. With any luck, this would go off without a hitch.

Damien raised an eyebrow. "Follow...the pizza. Fantastic." He sighed. "Well, judging from your expression, at least I have a bribe." He nodded and grinned. He bowed to Nunnally. "I will retrieve C.C., I promise you. Even if I have to fight all of Immortal Britannia myself, I will not stop until the girl is in front of you in your throne room." Damien turned around and began to walk out. He stopped right at the door, a mischevious grin on his face. "Oh, and if the royal coffers are suddenly emptied for pizza, just assume that was me." He grinned and called Llyod. "Get Odin ready. It seems like I might have a chance to use it. It's a strict silence mission, but I want it in Canada just in case. I'll get you some interesting data should I need it."

Damien reclined as the airplane began to take off. He took out the picture of C.C. "Somehow she looks...familiar. This should be an interesting turn of events." Damien pocketed the picture and looked out the window, declining when the waitress came around asking if he wanted a drink. He was a bit paranoid, but given his background, understandably so. The plane took off and so Damien began his journey to Canada.

Xandus went to the hangar where a Gloucester knightmare frame was waiting for him. With some assistance from one of the soldiers, he made it over to the knightmare and climbed inside of it.

Once inside, Xandus opened his eyes.

He saw, as expected, a nightmarish hellscape around him. He could see the most grotesque and terrifying things imaginable. He could hear god-awful sounds that hurt his ears and could smell stenches that would make anyone want to vomit. Xandus began to sweat and breath heavily.

Xandus could feel something grab onto his arm, something sharp sinking his flesh. He felt a vicious pain and saw blood coming out of his wound. Xandus took in a deep breath and remembered his training.

"This isn't real. It doesn't exist. It can't, because that's impossible. I'm in a knightmare right now and all of this is just my imagination." he said this to himself over and over

Suddenly, Xandus could see the inside of the knightmare's cockpit. The nightmarish figures were still there, but they appeared faded and unrealistic. He couldn't see any details of the things around, mostly just outlines and brief colours, but he could still see enough.

The horrifying sounds were mostly unhearable over the sounds of the real world. The sharp pain attacking his arm now felt like a gentle prodding.

Xandus calmed down as the realism of the hellscape weaken. He put his arms on the controls of his knightmare.

"Alright, time to go find Michael." he said

Xandus activated his Gloucester, which flew out of the hangar. It was flying towards the area were Michael was supposedly at.

Michael Sector 5-V well before the tankers and ammunitions trucks arrived. He scanned the area, noting the defenses with some satisfaction. If everything went according to plan, they would never notice him sneak away.

He pinned his Major insignia on his chest and maneuvered himself near the gates. He made sure for the Officer in charge of said gates to be within a suitable distance. He moved discreetly to the edge of the gate, making sure to keep within the Guard's line of sight.

Then the Trucks came, tankers filled with gallons of fuel each. Trucks with several several hundred pounds of ammunition between them. They drove towards Sector 5-V and stopped there, waiting for the forces that would assist them to the front lines. Michael noticed the confused look of the station guard and chose that moment to slip past the gates and enter the forests. Immortal Britannia had left a vehicle for his escape and Michael was willing to use it.

He began walking briskly towards the forest, counting on the unscheduled mass of vehicles to distract them until...

The base began shrieking. Sirens began letting out a painfully urgent howl, signifying the highest alert level. The speakers began to let out a 'This is not a drill' warning and, Michael knew, the tension within Sector 5-V would be palpable. It would only take the slightest mistake, the smallest twitch in the finger, letting loose a firearm before that Caraven would be peppered with gunfire.

Michael smiled and added panic to his voice. "Alert! Lelouch's spies are in Sector 5-V! The Caravans! Their about to blow up the base!"

Had more logical minds prevailed, they would have noticed that firing on the Caravan would blow up the base anyway. But they didn't. The name of Lelouch would invoke a Psychological pricking, causing an unrealistic surge of hatred to come forth from the Brittanian soldiers. All that was needed really.

Gunfire could be heard from behind Michael, and the Geass User began to run for it. The drivers would begin to take cover, scramble at the radios to stop until.

A sudden wave of pressure and heat collided against Michael's back and nearly pushed him down. He glanced a look back and saw the rising pillar of flame and explosives being ignited from the fire. Smiling grimbly, Michael ran as fast as he could towards the Vehicle.

C.C. found herself in Immortal Britanian territory, in search for the boy who impersonated Lelouch.
That boy... I thought Geass was completely destroyed... Maybe more survived...
She saw a pizza hut in the corner of her eye.
But first...
An hour later she was in a abandoned building, eating pizza.
God I missed pizza...

It was time, the time had came to get out of the current area, and to live somewhere else. The only reason you did this, is because of Lelouch, you knew he hunted for geass users, and would kill them, however, you decided if you found him you may join him, depending on his motives
He had once held the world in his hands, now it was no longer his, but his death brought prosperity to the world.
You went to the territory of Immortal Britannia. Hoping to know what was going on... and to help put the future of the world in a better position. You walked away from your home, taking food, binoculars, and some weapons. In case you ran into trouble, but you doubted it, since you had assasination skills, and your bloody geass.

Xandus was flying his Gloucester through the sky. He learned that Michael was supposed to be around this area.

"All I have to do is find him." he thought

Suddenly, Xandus heard the sound of an explosion nearby. He turned and saw the red-orange glow of massive flames below.

"Shit! What the hell happened there?!" he said to himself

Xandus looked further down. He could see a blurry black shape below, possibly a vehicle of some sort.

"Hm...I wonder..."

Xandus turned his Gloucester around and flew downwards, in the direction of the vehicle.

You stopped, hearing an explosion nearby.
What the hell...
You took your binoculars, and looked into them to see a flaming pillar, above you soared a knightmare.
What's going on? Whatever it is, I shouldn't involve myself in such an affair
However, you then gazed and saw a veichle amongst the trees, you couldn't help but feel a strange sense, it was as if destiny called out to you. You proceeded towards the explosion, wishing to know more about what was happening, but being carefull not to die.

Michael drove quickly but steadily, attempting to pass of as a messenger of some kind. The fact that communications all across the battle front had been cut off would make this much more plausible than it really was, though not by much. As he continued driving, he saw a sudden shape appear above him and craned his neck to look.

A Gloucester.

A fucking Gloucester.

Of course, there was the chance that it was a perfectly ordinary Knightmare that had no reason whatsoever to be rapidly approaching a vehicle fleeing from an exploding base, but really. When had that ever turned out right?

In any case, he was confident that he could bluff his way out of the situation, but there was the possibility that this was either one of Lelouch's strike teams, or a Black Knight, which would mean that he'd be dead without assistance.

He had no weapons to make a dent on the Frame. His best shot would be either reasoning, and getting the pilot to show his eyes and Geass him. He had no other option....

Michael suddenly laughed out loud. The answer was so very simple. The base would still be in panic. The Antennae was for long range communication, as such his Transceiver would still be operational.

He opened a channel to the base. "Alert! Unknown Knightmare Frame detected! Possibly Immortal Brittanian! Fire with extreme Prejudice!"

The base's personnel would still be trying to kill the fires, but the Automatic defense weaponry would still, at the very least, be operational. Michael's hypothesis was answered when AA gunfire was heard from the base and the sound of Cruise missiles went with it. Michael smiled grimly and kept driving, looking around his vehicle for objects while keeping the Transceiver on receive. He had to get as far as possible, no way the pilot could eliminate the base defenses inconsequentially, or communicate with the base without significant time elapsing. The Transceiver would tell him when the gunfire would stop, meaning that the defenses were either gone, or convinced to stop.

Michael unfastened his seat belt and initiated autopilot.

Xandus was closing in on the vehicle, which was now moving. Suddenly, he heard the sound of guns firing and realized it was aimed in his direction.

"Oh shit!" he shouted

Xandus quickly threw his knightmare to the side, avoiding a stream anti-air bullets that had been heading towards him, although a several rounds still managed to graze him. Having lived more than life his daily life with his eyes closed had given Xandus excellent hearing, and he was able to tell the general direction the noisy AA fire was heading.

"Dammit, why the fuck am I being shot at?!" he thought

He turned around and saw the gunfire was coming from the burning base. Suddenly, he spotted the shapes of what was likley two missiles coming straight at him.

"Fuck!" he cursed

Xandus lifted his knightmare's gun and fired it off at the missiles. One of the missiles was hit and exploded instantly, but the other one kept coming. Xandus kept firing his weapon, trying to hit the missile beofre it hit him.

The missile was about to collide when a bullet from the gun hit the rocket. The missile exploded near Xandus' knightmare, knocking it back with it's explosive force.

"Holy shit that was close!" Xandus said and let out a breath of relief

He put his hands back on the main controls and regained control of the knightmare. He turned back to the vehicle and headed towards it with increased speed. Xandus continued to just barley dodged the AA fire aimed at him, although his Gloucester was still hit by several rounds.

"I've got to keep following this vehicle, since Michael is probably in it. Soon, the gunfire will stop, whether it be because of the distance between me and it or the base burning down." he thought

You headed towards the vehicle, that was now speeding away from the knightmare, you looked through your binoculars to see a man, suddenly images filled your mind, memories from the past, you saw a brief picture of someone with.. Geass!?! And an image of a green haired women appeared for a brief second. You grabbed your head, lowering the binoculars. Was that boy him? No, it had to be someone else, but he was somehow linked to geass.

You now needed to find out who the hell this was, whoever he was, he had once been a part of your life, and apparently had the power of geass...

With that last thought, your eye lit up with the red symbol, he was in your range, and you would make sure his sight was pitch black, this was risky, but it was worth a try. Plus, you needed to get to him, and find out more. From what you could tell, the knightmare pilot would be easy to dispose of.

You headed towards the vehicle, that was now speeding away from the knightmare, you looked through your binoculars to see a man, suddenly images filled your mind, memories from the past, you saw a brief picture of him with.. Geass!?! And an image of a green haired women appeared for a brief second. You grabbed your head, lowering the binoculars.

You now needed to find out who the hell this was, whoever he was, he had once been a part of your life, and apparently had the power of geass...

With that last thought, your eye lit up with the red symbol, he was in your range, and you would make sure his sight was pitch black, this was risky, but it was worth a try. Plus, you needed to get to him, and find out more. From what you could tell, the knightmare pilot would be easy to dispose of.

You stayed cautious, this person may have geass, but they also may not... You had heard people having geass taken away from them. But this was a warning they gave at the facility. No matter, you had to get a ride anyways, plus, even if he did have geass, you knew that all geass was only effective in a certain area.
(He doesn't know of the other types of geass, and thinks all geass is only able to affect people in the area.)


Enzo Was not in a good mood. He had gotten orders to go on another pointless mission from Zero himself with no explanation. He was on his way to the assigned coordinates when One of his men's knightmares broke down.

"Dammit, Stay behind and fix this, Fredric and I will go on ahead."

Enzo and Fredric continued on until they came up to a narrow gap between two rock faces. They moved slowly and carefully through them and then they finally reached the other side after what felt like an hour.

"Fredric do you want to-"

Enzo was cut off by the sound of a large explosion. He turned his knightmare around and saw that Fredric had fired a high caliber explosive mortar round into the rock face and it had collapsed, blocking re-enforcements.

"What I want is to kill you, you worthless Britannian scum!"

A double agent. That explained how they had been found at the base. Fredric charged towards Enzo's knightmare with his lance. Enzo raised his gun but he was too slow. It was knocked out of his grasp and he just barley dodged the actual blow. He drew his sword and charged in return. They hacked and stabbed at each other and parried and dodged in a true duel to the death. Finally Enzo got a lucky break. HE swept snow into the face of the other knightmare, blinding him temporarily. Fredric must have seen the blow coming though because he ducked at the last second. The knihgtmare's entrance hatch was slice open, leaving him exposed. Fredric looked up in a flurry of panic and fury only to find that he couldn't move. He was under Enzo's control. Enzo, knowing Fredric would try to escape, exited his own knightmare to catch him with geass. Enzo made a gesture with his fingers and Fredrick found himself kneeling in the snow. Enzo drew his pistol but then felt a strange sharp pain in his right eye. His geass flickered off against his will and Fredric ran at him. He was able to grab his pistol and shoot just before he passed out. Enzo woke up in a field hospital with none other than Zero himself at his bedside. Enzo had bandages wrapped around his right eye so he looked out of the window to his left and saw the shipment of 13th generation knightmares being unloaded. As soon as he saw them he understood everything.

"You sly bastard." he said to Zero. "You sent me on those missions so that I would get as much extra knightmare practice as I could before the new ones arrived and so that I would have to use my geass and make it advance to it's stranger state. And you got an enemy base destroyed and a traitor rooted out as a bonus."

"That kind of intelligence is what got you where you are Puppeteer. It is also what landed you your next mission..."

Your geass missed... you could tell, unless it had an autopilot system, or a second person driving. You then tried to use your geass again, but suddenly your eye felt a sharp pain, you dropped to the ground, holding your left eye. The symbol of geass seemed to become... A violet color? It then reverted to red.

What was that? I can't risk chasing him now, my geass doesn't seem to be functioning properly.

You then walked on, away from the knightmare pursuing the veichle. You needed to know what was happening with your geass.

Was this what they had spoke of when a person's geass overpowered them? I can't know this fully untill I let my geass rest for awhile, maybe I have been using it too much...

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