The Children of Geass (Code Geass RP) (Accepting/Started)

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Xandus could see the black knight's knightmare coming towards him.

"Good! Now I'll be able to kill him much quicker!" he thought

Xandus Gloucester pulled out it's gun and opened fired at the knightmare, it's other hand holding the lance and preparing to strike the enemy.

"DIE YOU BASTARD!" Xandus shouted as bullets sprayed at his foe

Michael miled widely, it seemed that Xandus had a particularly incendiary reaction to the Black Knights. This could mean that he still had....issues with them burning the Geass compound before. How Childish.

In any case, Michael wasn't above using this to his advantage. He began moving as quickly and quietly towards where the opposing Knightmare originated, gambling that the prisoners he had seen earlier were there.

It was, difficult to say the least. Even with the accumulated skills of every assassin he had ever consumed, he was still in a developing warzone, and he had to avoid Brittanian eyes. But he did, eventually, reach his destination. A Microsoft building apparently, when he saw them.

2 people, and a fucking Knightmare. The Knightmare itself was Brittanian, which probably meant that the two others were the prisoners. Well, that no longer seemed accurate anyway. If they were, then the Knightmare pilot could have simply taken them away right now. The fact that he didn't means that he must either have orders not to harm them, which meant they were VERY important, or he was being polite because....

The two were possible allies?

Unlikely, considering they jumped off a fucking helicopter. But one to look out for nonetheless. He had to be careful here, he had to be cunning enough to eliminate the Knightmare pilot if the chance showed itself. He also had to be flexible enough to eliminate the two if ther were allies and even more cunning if they were Geass users.

Force was insufficient here, he had to resort to cunning.

Michael entered the Microsoft building and rummaged around. The employees had apparently run off due to the impending chaos about to ensue, but there were still an office employee who was industriously raiding the cash register. The man looked up straight into his eyes as Michael quickly approached him.

'Tell me anything you know about being a Microsoft employee.'

Images rushed into his mind. Politeness. Effectiveness. The Works.

Michael's mind was drained of his adventure in the Brittanian base. In case they were Geass users, and asked him about the nearby exploding base, he could easily answer that he had never been there. That mission was no longer relevant.

The office employer was swiftly knocked out by a back hand from Michael. The Assassin then looked around and removed the man's clothes with his own. He put his own clothes on the former Microsoft employee and put his gun on the counter. He hid his knives in his shoes and looked at a nearby mirror, practicing his expressions.

Michael knew for a fact that they were directly in front of the parking lot, where the back door was. Michael could quite convincingly, especially since he grabbed the guy's keys as well, say that he had been attempting to escape or something. The particulars were largely irrelevant at this point. All he needed was the basic plan in how to pull this through.

After practicing the expressions, Michael made himself sweat a little by running around the building a little and, as soon as he reached the back door, opened it as loudly as he possibly could.

He was greeted by the stares of the woman, man and Knightmare pilot and, with the combined experience he had of a Microsoft employee, spoke akwardly.

" I interrupting something here?"

Enzo took the shots without flinching. The knightmare could handle it but not for long hh kept moving and at the last minute he did a type of curve that left the knightmare bent at the waist in a U shape. He brought the feet up and kicked the Gloucester in the chest while taking a half-hearted swing at the lance. his sword bounced of harmlessly and he used the force of the kick to finish the flip and get some distance between him and the enemy.

Why am I fighting? Why don't I just let him take me? In fact, why didn't I just shoot myself after she told me that? Why am I still alive right now?

"HURRY UP AND DIE!" His enemy shouted as he charged again. This time Enzo didn't move. He took the blow and the lance struck him. His knightmare fell through the sky with a chunk missing from the shoulder. he struck the ground hard and he hit his head against the control panel. A trickle of blood ran down his fce from the gash in his fourhead and he wiped it away.

I'm still not dead. I'm still here. Why?

"YOU'RE MINE!" The Gloucester dive bombed towards him with it's lance extended.

Why didn't I just kill my self? She told me the only thing I needed but I just-
As he looked at his hands suddenly he knew what he had to do. He knew why he had to fight!

He fired his slash harkens at the Gloucester and they struck head on. The enemy was knocked off it's coarse and slammed into a tree.

"You can't win this fight!" Enzo shouted at his opponent. "For I am now on a mission! I have to end this madness that plagues the world! I will cut the strings! I will destroy GEASS!"

He took to the sky and unloaded on the Gloucester. He fired like a madman with his wrist guns. It came out of the smoke ready to impale him on the lance and he drew his sword.

"This is the most agile knightmare in the world! You'll never beat me with that piece of junk!"

Enzo, with expert timing stepped onto the end of the lance and forced it downward, bringing the enemy knightmare's head on level with his thigh mounted slash harkens. He fired them both at the shoulder joints of the Gloucester and severed the arms then kicked it in the chest making a large dent. All of this happened in about three seconds.

"The Marionette was designed to be the swiftest knightmare ever. With a three sakuradite block engine, slim build, and more flexible joints, it is the fastest and most agile knightmare ever. You simply won't be able to keep up with me. Now that you have no way to fight back either I suggest you retreat. Or I could simply destroy you. So what will it be?"

Xandus was extremely surprised when the black knight mentioned Geass.

"So, this must be one of Zero's top guys if he knows about Geass. That'll just make killing him more the sweeter." he thought

Xandus' Gloucester got back onto it's feet, as he had been knocked down by the other knightmare's attack.

"Tell me, do you fuckers have reasons for killing innocent people or do you just get off from murder?" he said

"I don't know what your talking about and I don't care. I'm not even sure if I'm with the Black knights anymore seeing as how I have disobeyed Zero so many times in one day. But that doesn't matter right now. Either retreat or I'll cut you down where you stand."

Enzo held his sword at the ready as if punctuating his sentence with it.

Damien stepped out of the knightmare, making it kneel first. He took the phone from C.C. "Thank you. However, I still have to escort you to make sure you are not captured." He shrugged as he pocketed the phone, making sure not to make eye contact with the other Geass user. "I'm sorry. It's my job and duty." Damien heard a man come from the building. Damien whipped around and made eye contact, covering his geass with the illusion faster than a blink. Damien then stepped about 10 feet to the right, making himself invisible to the employee and an illusion of himself stay right where he was. He gestured his three...allies? To not mention anything. Damien made the illusion speak, and to the employee it would seem alive, but the words were coming from Damien. "That depends. Who are you and what are you doing here?" The real Damien put his hand on his pistol, just in case.

Xandus had just then remembered the phone that Aime gave him. He reached into his pocket and pulled it out. He pressed the second button on it, signaling that he needed backup.

Xandus was getting ready to charge the enemy knightmare with his Gloucester, when the black knight began speaking and he noticed something strange. The man's voice sounded as if Xandus had heard it before.

"Your very familiar." he said to the black knight "Do I know you?"

"I suppose I have time to talk, seeing as how you can't harm me. You probably don't know me but I suppose if we reveal our identities to each other I might be surprised. I am one of the worlds only geass users. I am known as the Puppeteer."

A shocked expression appeared on Xandus' face. He could barley what he had just heard.

"This black a Geass user?" he thought

All of a sudden, Xandus remembered where he had heard that voice before.

"Enzo, is that you?!"

Aime looked at his phone. He pressed a button.
"Code Xandus, initiate."
Five Gloucesters like Xandus's made their way to Xandus's location.

C.C. sighed.
"Come Jeremiah, let's leave. Everyone else, we'll find you."
Jeremiah and C.C. made their way to a room to the right. Inside they got into a black and white Siegfried, went out of a hole in the roof and flew off.

Michael looked at the departing woman, confusion on his face and in his eyes, but pure calculation in his mind. He was memorizing all of her features, not that it was difficult, what with the green hair, yellow eyes and....

The Geass Tattoo on her forehead?

Michael definitely kept a picture of her in his mind, judging from the security around her that she was important to Brittania. Considering she had just gotten into a Siegfried with an apparently skilled pilot, then she had probably sided with Brittania. Good for Her.

Michael turned towards the remaining people and continued the charade, considering there was still a Knightmare frame there. He spoke uncertainly "Um, not to be rude or anything, but who the hell are you guys!?" His voice quivering into slight hysteria as he did so. He was quite proud of it.

Damien walked into the Knightmare, scaling up the side as the illusion began to walk slowly towards the employee. "No-one you need to remember." The illusion tripped up Micheal and threw him on his back, the nerves complying and causing Michael to fall on his back. The illusion pressed the gun up to Michael's head as the true Damien entered the Knightmare. "Goodnight. Tell God I said hello, will you?" The illusion winked as he pulled the trigger. Just then, the Knightmare Frame closed around the true Damien, breaking the illusion. The Illusion-Damien disappeared like dust blowing away in the wind. The Knightmare took off and flew away.

Damien received a call on the view screen. It was a Britannian pilot. "Sir, we've retreived the errant Knightmare as per your orders. It is being reseached by His Grace Llyod now. What are your orders, sir?" Damien sighed. "Half of you, guard Llyod. the rest, be ready to detach at a moment's notice for backup. Until then, consider yourself as part of the first group." Damien closed the channel. "Might as well help out that other guy; after all, Jeremiah didn't kill him, and that says something about a man's character." Damien chuckled. He landed the Odin right next to the Marionette. Damien opened a closed comm channel after some difficulty. "Hello. I thought you might want to speed things up a bit. That, and I was bored. Still, if the enemy is getting reinforcements, it's only fair that you should have the same, right?" Damien grinned.

Michael blinked.

He felt his forehead, looking for a bullet hole and finding nothing. He checked his pulse, finding a regular, though somewhat frantic, beating.

Michael was a very good actor, he knew that. He had 'inherited' the skills of the infamous assassin Loken Madrigal. Loken had managed to convince others that he was their own goddamn family members for god's sake. Not just civilians either, the mark was a fucking 5 Star General. His acting skills were not compromised.

Michael breathed, slowly. His rational mind taking over as the shock from his face stayed on his face, refusing to budge in case the last man there guessed anything from him.

The Pilot was a Geass user as well. That was DAMNED sure. He looked him in the eye and forced him into an unwinnable scenario. The fact that he didn't kill him meant that it was unlikely he was a murderer, considering Michael had interrupted a fairly important and secret meeting. Unless the remaining man here was supposed to kill him.

Michael's eyes slid to wards the last man, a yellow eyed youth. He didn't see a gun but that meant little, he could have a knife or other weapon. If he came close, then Michael would be able to catch him by surprise and stab his neck off. If not, then Michael could always run. The gun was still on the counter, which meant that if the yellow eyed bastard came after him, he'd get a face full of lead.

The Assassin slapped himself again, mentally of course. He was getting ahead of himself, letting his nervousness from the Geass user's dismissive use of his Geass affect him. Still, Michael was sure he was Brittanian. Which meant that he was a potential threat concerning his plan.

In any case, the plan had certainly gone pear shaped. He had to evacuate right now, he wasn't sure if Xandus could fight of the other Knightmares but he certainly couldn't do anything about it.

Times like these, he was grateful for his Geass. The target wouldn't notice that they had forgotten any information, and all he really had to do was think about saying his command, not really saying it out loud. Though a skilled Geas user would, perhaps, sense something more from his memory loss. But only if they had some kind of suspicion about him before hand, which he typically gave to no one incase they were Geass users anyway.

Michael looked at the yellow one's eyes and continued to act out his role as a panicked Microsoft employee.

"What the HELL was that!"

"I have a different request for you." Enzo said in reply to Damien. "Take Lady Anya to safety, or repair the Mordred if you can. I will easily be able to hold them off if not defeat them."
Enzo watched the enemy re-enforcements approach and readied himself.

They will be no match for me. Even without the Marionette I wouldn't fail! This power I feel, can only be the power of true determination, and I will use it to destroy anyone that stands in my way!

You snuck away, making sure to not be seen, and taking a route through the forest, you soon reached a good distance away. You sighed, and went into an abbandoned building, taking a few breaths of air.

My geass isn't overloaded, but... I feel something wrong with it...

You wiped your eye, looking into a mirror, your geass was not visible, it was not out of control. You sighed with relief, and slumped down on the wall, listening to the battle in the distance.

The five Gloucesters had made it to Xandus' location. They were waiting less than a kilometer away.

"It's look like there's a few knightmares. Should we go in and help the Boogeyman now?" one tof the Gloucester pilots asked

"Not yet. It's looks like they've ceased fire. I think they might be talking. Stay alert, though." the leader of the group responded


Xandus was frustrated when the black knight didn't respond to him.

"HEY! Listen to me when I'm asking you something!" he shouted "Is that you Enzo?"

Enzo was stunned by his enemy's words.
"How do you know who I am? Were you an accomplice of the mad man that experimented on me?"

"So it is him..." Xandus thought

Xandus shut his eyes. He opened the cockpit of the Gloucester, showing himself to Enzo.

"Does the name Xandus ring a bell?"

"No it doesn't. But if you know my real name then you must also know of geass. Which means, I have to kill you!"

Enzo rushed at Xandus with his blade but had to flip back when one of the new-arrival's lances came rocketing towards him. He caught it by the tip of the handle and spun it around. HE built up a large amount of momentum and hurled it back at the thrower who was pierced directly through the chest. The knightmare exploded a second later.

"One down."

Xandus was disappointed when Enzo said he didn't know who he was. He had considered him a good friend during his life at the Geass facility.

Suddenly, five Gloucesters appeared and charged at Enzo's knightmare.

"ATTACK THE BLACK KNIGHT!" one of them shouted

Enzo grabbed one of the Gloucester lances and impaled it's former wielder. Xandus sighed.

"Well, so much for talking..."

Xandus, unable to assist with his knightmare's arms severed, sat where he was with his cockpit open and listened to the fight.

One of the Gloucesters charged at Enzo with it's lance. Another fired at the knightmare with it's gun.


Enzo shot eh Gloucester that was charging him with his wrist guns and as it's momentum carried it towards him he grabbed it and spun it around so it was between him and the enemy bullets. It took all of the fire and he threw it at the one with the gun. They collided and both fell to the ground in a spectacular explosion. Enzo whipped around to shoot the now exposed geass user but was blindsided with a kick by one of the remaining to Gloucesters. He fired his slash harkens at it and wrapped them around it's waist. The spun around in a circle building up momentum before releasing it at the last Gloucester. They collided at immense force and were destroyed on impact.

"Now for you." Enzo said to the mysterious man calling himself Xandus.

The Marrionet's hands pointed at Xandus and the wrist guns were pointed directly at him.

"Any last words?"

Damien saw Anya already repairing the cord. He zoomed in and noted the power was only pulled out, not cut. "She should have it done within five minutes." Damien muttered. He started up a video tape, recording the Gloucester firing upon the Marionette. "Just for proof than this was in defense of others." Damien muttered. He noticed a Gloucester charging with a lance. Damien grinned and flicked the safety off a bright red button.

"Target...bye-bye." Damien drew an MVS double-ended lance and threw it, spearing the Knightmare and causing it to explode. Luckily for the pilot, Damien gave him enough time to eject. The lance returned to the Odin's hand. "Gungnir system working at full power." He said to Llyod A Gloucester noticed Damien by this point and began to fire upon him, causing Damien to bring up the Absolute Defense Area. The bullets bounced harmlessly on the sheilds of Odin. "The Aesir system works like a dream, too!" Damien grinned He moved sideways, getting out of the range of the guns before firing his own Hadron Cannons. The pilot ejected just before utter destruction of his Knightmare. "All systems seem to work at full capacity!" Damien spoke elatedly to Llyod. He then turned on the loudspeakers. "Gloucesters! Cease and desist. You cannot win this at this point. Retreat, and you will live."

Xandus opened his eyes slightly. He could see the Marrionet's guns being aimed at him.

"Any last words?" Enzo said

Xandus didn't bother closing the cockpit. It wouldn't make much of a difference if he got hit with those weapons. However, he grabbed the cellphone Aime gave him and clicked the second button again, hoping more reinforcements might arrive.

"Enzo..." Xandus started

Suddenly, Xandus began swelling up with anger.

"...just what the FUCK do you think you're doing, dumbass?!" he shouted

"Cleansing the world...of geass, as I told you. But, I think there is still more for me to know about this power and more you should know about why it needs to be destroyed, and so..." The hatch of the Marionette opened and Enzo stood up.

Xandus found himself un-able to move immediately due to Enzo's geass being un-restrained. As Enzo stood the wind blew open his blood flecked shirt ans his torso was revealed. It was covered in dozens of scars from untold numbers of surgeries and wounds. Enzo stood unflinching in the face of the freezing wind. The Marionette lowered it's self on auto pilot until it was on the ground only a few feet away from Xandus's Gloucester. Enzo looked him in the eyes and suddenly whipped out his hand. Xandus's geass eye slammed shut and Enzo began to shiver but it wasn't from the cold.

"Well now, I wonder what horrors my geass just showed you."
"It showed me a world where people with geass ruled those without it."

Xandus couldn't help but laugh. Enzo turned out much differently then he expected.

Viking Incognito:

Turning away from his dead enemy he asked Damien, "How is lady Anya?"

Site nom'd my post.


Viking Incognito:

Turning away from his dead enemy he asked Damien, "How is lady Anya?"

Viking Incognito:


Viking Incognito:

Turning away from his dead enemy he asked Damien, "How is lady Anya?"


Viking Incognito:


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