Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Mmm... Time for a hug?


*strangles meaowth with a long clump of pink hair then sends them blasting off again

I'd pull off that insulting red rubber nose and shove it down his throat until he suffocates.

Grab Zapdos, tie Team Rocket to it, then put all four into orbit.

(I breath through a series of holes on the back of my neck so i simply cough up the nose and put it back on) the nose melds onto my face, then I catch her during a blink and hit her with a 30Lb spoon

Kill it with kindness. I give it cupcakes.

Laced with explosives.

I will crush the user with a literal wall of text.

I will pull all episodes from TV, burn every record of the fact that Pokemon ever existed, kill the Pokemon creator, and erase everyone's memory so that they can no longer remember that Pokemon had ever been around at all.

Thus, you are dead Redlin.

I'd wish that were true but no, I am not dead. You see if you were a Time Lord I wouldn't be posting this right now.

Therefore you will not survive this:

Enjoy the paradoxes, all of which kill you in unique ways. My favorite involves blankets.

I've gone through that before, and I've always come out of it just fine...
apparently, my unique brand of immortality renders me immune to paradoxes.

Now then...
I'm in a bit of hurry this time, so I just throw some paralyzing gas your way, and napalm your ass.

Give him to the Shrike, after I get my wish granted.

I'd use a lance made of chocolate. Sweet but deadly!

I convince the head of Team Rocket that he needs to stop using Pokemon and substandard Pokemon trainers to take over the world, and instead, he should just use North Korea's plan.

Throw him into a bottomless chasm.

Throw her into a bottomless chasm.

"Her"? I think you just got ninja'd.

I travel back in time and kill the Gorillaz before they come up with that character.

I did by quite a bit, I kind of fell asleep at my keyboard again.

And if time travel is an option I assassinate that idiot who made you immortal, that oughta fix it.

Umm... actually I think there were a lot of people involved in that... and sadly, neither of our attempts would really work, because as was discussed in Farscape, events have a way of restructuring themselves into familiar patterns.

I tie all of those wires into a ball around you while you sleep. Then, I roll you to the highest hill in San Francisco (the city of 31 hills), and let you roll out to see, like a creepier Katamari.

I beat him to death with a laptop that has the screen displaying this thread.

And I just come back to life.

And now...
I mind-fuck you to the point that you absolutely HATE Pokemon, and are ashamed that you ever did. Thus putting your online identity in question.

Give him to a sandworm.

Convert the body into a tree, cut it down, turn it to pulp and make paper.

and then print Playboy on it.

Time to bring out the big guns!


Holy Hand Grenade.

Come on now, that wasn't even a challenge! :D

Not even Zapdos can withstand the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

She would get book-punched.

I'll beat the crap out of a cucco until it was one hit away from calling it's allies, which I'd then throw hard at you, causing it to think in it's tiny chicken brain that you were responsible for the last hit and summon it's immesurable brethren to swarm you until there was naught but picked clean bones!


Strangely enough it isn't the gun that kills you as I drop an anvil on both you and the cop.

Tie them to a rocket ship and blast off into the final frontier

Wrap and choke him to death with a LRR scarf!

Were you bidding in the last auction? Its too bad that your connection broke or whatever happened.

Wrap them in rubber latex. They will die eventually.

Time to bury him to death with these things:


It will hurt.



Incidentally is this homicide or suicide?


I was going to do the same thing, but he pika-ninja'd me.

Time to choke him with his own words. Yes, I will print out the pages of tripe he has posted on the internet and shove it down his throat.

You rock, you know that don't you?

@Redlin5: How do I "rock?"

OT: Prepare the noose.

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