Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Noodle kills her. HILARIOUS!

*Hooks arm around the Transcendent One's shoulder*

You aren't gonna let him order you around are you?

Oh... I should point out that I performed the ritual that made me immortal on you...
That Transcendent One is the evil clone of YOU, and it wants nothing but to destroy you.

Death by splinching. You should be more careful with that Portal gun!

Well it is the holidays, so I'll eat your brains.

Death by 2D.

We're gonna toss you into the hell hole.

Well... its you or me...

Death by over-charge.

Death by atomic penguins. All of them. Multiple dimensions. Instantly.

Be afraid.

Death by catfish.

Death by atomic penguins. All of them. Multiple dimensions. Instantly.

Be afraid.

*mutters a spell, destroying all of the atomic penguins before they can get anywhere near me.*

When the tentacle porn you're reading enters real life.

When the tentacle porn I have been reading enters real life...

Death by giant octopus. Not the tentacles, just crushed to death by its falling mass.

Death by Escapist. Yes, the site materialized into thin air and beat the life out of him... Took his wallet too.

Death by exhaustion from surfing the web too long. Death by exhaustion in general is kinda a lame way to die -_-;

Death by Texans.

Death by slightly chilly wind.

Wrap Zapdos and Team Rocket in rubber. See how that goes.

Death by dropping hundreds of thousands of these books on his head:


Death by irony.

Or Was it ironing? I didn't read the E-mail.

Death by cow. They are the master race after all.

Wait who is a cow?

OT: Forced to dance the tango with El santa Chewcalhonas the best tango dancer this side of the Milky way.

Half a minute with him and your feet will explode.

I make him panic to death.


Either tickle him with this, or make him wear it..

I am going to rip his post from the jowls of the servers.

Throw him in front of a parade to be sucked up into a tuba.

Death by lego gun. You are now bleeding red blocks.

Death by gravity-assist slingshot into a large planet.
That's what you get for continually throwing yourself into the exosphere without knowing the risks.

Death by sentry gun. You should have been behind it when the fighting broke out.

I can make sure they never come back from orbit.

Trogdor. Nuff said.

I will drown them in the Pacific.

I make you swallow 400 Mentos and then, using a funnel, I drop 4L of Diet Coke directly into your throat.

I overwhelm you with the cuteness that is Momoneko-sama!!

(Oh, the irony...)

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