Give the user above you a humorous execution

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I Mario-stomp you. =]

I gave you to hungry Corsairs.

You get eaten by flies.

You get eaten by octopi.

You get ninja'd by pirates. ^^

I cover you in sparkles and throw you into a crowd of twilight fan girls

Brofist'd to death D:

That is all.

Death by groping.

Take away your post count

*Tapes eyes open and puts on re-runs of infomercials*

It's almost too cruel.

I let zombie Billy Mays eat your brains for karmic retribution.

Stoning with pokeballs instead of rocks.

Crane Kick!!!


Death by the breeze.

Cheese and crackers... >.>

Death by Snoo Snoo...

Death by trout shuriken.

A severed artery from a Best of the Darwin awards book.

Death from anime nose bleeding!

Death by a common cold... seriously its that powerful :/

pyramid head grape:
Death by a common cold... seriously its that powerful :/

Suicide after being forced to watch 2 minutes of a Jeff Dunham comedy special.

Same thing but with Dane Cook instead. ^^

You wake up in a basement. The only sounds are footsteps, and a child's singing. As your eyes adjust to the light, you see a set of bright, multi-coloured lights. Then you see where the lights are coming from.

She turns to face you--

Do I really need to say the rest?

Edit: If I actually do need to say the rest, I won't, so there. All I'm saying is that it'll hurt a lot less if you play dead right at this point.


surely yes...

OT: bitten by zombies!

Edit: *plays dead* 0.o I so don't get it at all D:

*Knees in the face*

I like doing that.

Indeed you do *holds nose*

I will punished you to death. ^^

*throws an octopus at*

Take that!

You choke on sushi. o-o Octopi sushi.

Pimp-slapped by a penguin!


Death by Best of the 3.

@Xmbts: *is hit with octopus* ewww D:

*throws seaweed at*

*Throws Ankara at*

Why ;~;

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