Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Rip his mask off and sneeze right in his face.

Take that, Quarian!!

Bolt him to a wall and let the Chief have his way with it.

No, I'll get you for this by giving you to:

Ha! Well played.

OT: @Xpwn3ntial Force-feed all the Twilight movies, A Clockwork Orange style, causing instability of the brain cells, and finally, implosion.

Well, this seems easy enough...I'll just coat you in more syrup and throw you into a room full of three year olds. Your end shall be a messy one!

I lower him into tropical waters. The piranhas are legion. They do not forget, they do not forgive. Expect them.

Throw him at the mercy of Anonymous.

I'd make a fake video that makes it look and sound like he is declaring war against Anon.

Feed team rocket to the mudkips...

Hit him with an explosive beach ball. Like, those really big plastic ones. The one behind them.

I shoot silly string into the pilot's eyes, then bail and let momentum do the work for me.

I would break you over my kneecap.

There aren't a lot of creative ways to kill musical instruments.

Sick the flood on him.

Light your hat on fire, you either lose the hat or burn with it.

I sentence you to death by Agent Smith,Mr Anderson...

I'd throw water balloons at your ship until you drowned.

I'd send you a text while flying, distracting the pilot long enough to crash.

throw boiling hot water on get burned before you get zapped

I shall bury him in stinky cheese and drown him in gravy.

Turn him into a newt and squash him.

(I got better!)

Then accuse you of witchcraft.

Get Noodle to outbadass her!

Rip off his clown nose and wig and throw the pie in his face.

Make him fight a skeleton army with innumerable forces.

Throw an octopus at their face. Leave the rest up to nature

Make it so all those wires attached to his body start pumping in ice cream, then watch as his body makes a delicious explosion.

Make his hat come alive and eat his head.

Dropkick her into a bunch of computers.

Whoops, double post.

Get a few million ants and teach them to eat meat.

Hook her up to Brittany Spears.

Huh...interesting. I'm doing ants!
Ah well.

I knock you out, and take you to an abandoned warehouse. Once there, you are placed inside a large glass cube, with a gas distribution system installed in the top and a small sliding window in a side. After about half an hour, you awake to your new surroundings, and, understandably, panic a bit.
When you finish hyperventilating and yelling for explanations, I twist a valve, and an experimental chemical is pumped into the room. Upon hearing the hissing, you run to a corner and try to break free. Sadly, the three inch thick walls prevent you from doing so. Fifteen seconds after the gas has entered the chamber, five large floodlights snap on, and illuminate the blue fog that has collected all around you. Trying to fend off whatever the chemical may be, you inhale deeply and hold your breath.
When you finish breathing, you notice something very strange. It feels like your body is still trying to take in air. As you watch in horror, your chest sounds a deep crack, and your torso inverts, forcing the contents of your chest into the open. The effect does not stop there, as your lower body and extremities follow along, sucking your skin deep underneath the normally underlying meat.
A tremendous pressure builds inside your skull, and before you can truly comprehend what has happened, your head folds inwards, leaving you looking in at the pitch black of your interior.
You feel a single drop spray on your now-reversed chest, followed by a searing pain as the acidic compound eats a hole in the flesh. Trying to ease the pain, you swipe at your chest with your hands, only to feel your finger bones grate upon your ribs, and the muscles slide over each other with a sickening ease. Worse, you brush into your lungs, and feel them compress as you lose your breath.
It takes a full minute for the acid to eat a hole into your torso, letting light into the shell of meat you now inhabit. You are now able to see inside your fleshy confines, and the reality of your situation sinks in as you let loose with a bloodcurdling scream.
As the last echo of your horror fades, you hear the window slide open, followed by a scurrying noise. The window does not slide closed again, and the scurrying only gets louder. Before you can try to move anywhere, you feel legs on the muscles of your feet, and you peer into the cavern of your legs, trying to figure out what is going on. Suddenly, the tickling sensation is replaced by a sharp sting, followed by hundreds more, and you begin to scream again.
Even as the stinging in your legs worsens, you can feel a multitude of legs all over your body, and you begin flailing about in an attempt to ward off any more pain. Oddly enough, it seems to work, as the stinging in your feet is replaced by tickling once more.
Dulled by relief, it takes you a moment to realize that the scurrying and tickling has spread to inside of your fleshy tomb. The wave of sensation flows upwards, and at last you see the source of your torment.
Thousands of ants flow into the reddish light cast from the circle in your chest, and you scream one last time as a carpet of insects cascades up your body before the biting resumes.

So keen on nuking? I'LL NUKE YOU!

He's a clown any execution will be funny, so he will live forever!

Cheese whiz in the windshield and all over where he'd drive to to try and stop.



You get the Joker's approval!

OT: Frustrated game patrons finally snap. One breaks your instrument of torture while the other saws off your leg. They hollow out your leg, attach the plastic mouthpiece and force you to play it until you die from blood loss.

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