Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Death by Adam West.

Fried to ashes, thanks to Zapdos.

Body slammed by a mountain troll.

I drown you in a 15cm deep puddle

Top hat to the face!

*Hurls into the ocean*

Bear hugged by a grizzly bear.

Boot to the head.

Punched in the face by a gorilla.

I find as much news of morbid, vile and stupid actions.
I show them to you.
Your faith in the human race drops to dangerous levels.
You don't want to be in this world anymore

Death by falling toilet.

"Health Bar in yo face!
Feel the looooove of the Hyper Combo!
And it's a hooooooome ruuuun!"

"This is a hyyyyyyper coooooombo..."

You got imploded by Mag-freaking-neto.

I shall kill you with your crowbar I stole.

*Blindfolds and kicks off of a cliff*

Fed the most amazing chicken leg in the world but have the bone get caught in your throat suffocating and dieing.

I hit you with the force of all the forum gamers XD

Coat you in honey, place you in a giant bee hive.
Tell you not to move, wait till bees cover you, then prod you with a taser

Give you to 12 tribal islanders who are known cannibals. I also tell them "He good Meat"


*Retaliation poke*

Hit with a big bat of cliche. ^_^

Falling anvils. Hundreds of them. And one baby Giraffe.

Tie your pinkie to a speeding bullet train

Pull your eyebrows out with cats.

Wax hurts enough, but cats?! The horror!

Your mother accidentally gave you food poisoning.. Should've passed on those tacos last night.

Death by LRR. Graham will make you bust your gut literally by laughing.

I don't think I'd mind it much.

Death by Sam Raimi.

Death by Naruto's anime voice actor shouting at you until your head explodes.

Death by overexposure to poptart cat rainbow lasers.

Death by exposure to Portal jokes.

I paint a giant red X on the ground.
While you investigate it, I jump out off a plane at several thousand feet and land on you

Team Rocket manages to kill you.


Death by lotion massage...with a fat guy...

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