Give the user above you a humorous execution

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I throw you in a poisonous snake pit.
Then throw 100 primed grenades in there for good measure

Well first I take a toothpick and-

-and piss on the puddle to put out the fire

I kill you by shoving icepicks into your eyes until they come out the back of your skull.

Killed by Krillen. Wow, just wow... Well, it could be Yamcha...

You are made into a life-sized jack in the box, set to go off randomly and disguised as a regular crate. You are then given to an ex-marine with PTSD.

Admittedly, I was thinking of this:

Death by minecraft. Say hello to the real life recreation of a Creeper.

Death by stoning with pokeballs!

Horribly slow murder with an extremely inefficient weapon.

Sorry for two youtube posts in a row.

Death by guitar.

I know it is hopeless to try and fight him with a spoon! D:
I actually watched those a few days ago. x3

You get a cookie for posting it. :3
Death by cookie! >:o

I will slaughter you with a butterknife.


Death by money. You will at long last be a millionaire. Too bad it is crushing the life out of you.

I'll make you eat 7,000 Slim Jim's in one sitting.

Ill make you eat 10000 marshmellow peeps, you will die in greatness!

I will sit on you >:o

I will have you sit on yourself!

Death by Gabe Nowell.

Death by Steam banning.

Death by Escapist banning. Kross seemed to be the executioner.

Where the hell is staika's avatar when you need it? >.>

Breath in, breath out,
Breath in, breath out,
Breath in...*DICK PUNCH!!*

Unless your a gal. Dammit.

Intestinal blockage via cotton balls.

Death by thread revivals!

I crush you with bare hands!

You die by the hands of a circus bear with no hands and is riding a unicycle

Death by Neonbob!

Crushed by a falling McDonalds sign :(

Death by being force fed unhealthy fast food

Death by eating food that was too healthy.

(Humorous, eh?)
Death by laughing to death(?) watching the three stooges(too soon?)

Death by Yugioh abridged.

Death by change! :D

Death by change! :D

Death by forcing you back to the way things were... >:(

Tickles? >:3

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