Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Death by time stopping for ever... and for never.

death by creating a time paradox

Death by killing his grandson, who is him.

Death by killing their grandfather, who is actually me

Death by grizzly bears.

Death by cuddling with a grizzly bear.

Death by cuddling with a cactus

Death by internet crash.

Death by computer crash

Death by clown car crash.

Death by The Next Generation.

Death by New Recipe.

Death by Old Spice.

Death by improper horse riding technique.

Death by infected prostitute.

You can die from those :O

Death by Narwhal darts.

Death by Narwhal farts.

Death by Mr. Weebl.

Death by Business Cat.

Death by spooning.

Death by silverware.

Death by dull machetes made of candy.

Death by cardioctomy(?). With a spoon!

Death by Satanic Sacrifice.

Death by angelic sacrifice.

Death by snoring.

Death by sleeping.

Death by Insomnia.

Death by sleep deprivation.

Death by sleeping too much.

Death by microscopic fire ants wielding giant zweihanders.

Death by giant mutant bunnies.

Death by giant mutant bunny girls.

Death by turning into vegetables and being fed to vegeterian piranhas.

Death by being turned into paper and being consumed by a goat.

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