Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Death by lack of calcium.

Death by lack of potassium.

Death by the ingestion of a banana of doom.

death by the orange of terror

Death by the apple of curses.

death by the grapes of the apocalypse

Death by the mangoes of despair.

death by the blackberry of darkness

Death by the GREEN grapes of wrath!
Not only are we totally not repeating a fruit, but I put a new spin on it!
are you proud of me yet?

Death by the red rasberries of blood!
Very proud of you, it is kind of funny I have wikipedia up with a list of fruit so I can use new ones XD

Death by the bloody blood orange of redundant redundancy!!

Death by insertion of dragon fruit. Flaming dragon fruit.

Death by banishment to THE BLAGOLE.

Death by banishment to THE BATMOBILE.

Death by losing a staring contest.

Troublesome Lagomorph:
Death by banishment to THE BLAGOLE.

Thank you :>

Death by banishment to the fortress of solitude.

Death by abduction by aliens

Death by Neo

death by slo-mo

Death by time stopping for ever... and for never.

death by creating a time paradox

Death by killing his grandson, who is him.

Death by killing their grandfather, who is actually me

Death by grizzly bears.

Death by cuddling with a grizzly bear.

Death by cuddling with a cactus

Death by internet crash.

Death by computer crash

Death by clown car crash.

Death by The Next Generation.

Death by New Recipe.

Death by Old Spice.

Death by improper horse riding technique.

Death by infected prostitute.

You can die from those :O

Death by Narwhal darts.

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