Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Death by Penguin over exposure.

Death by pimp hand.

Death by having your arse dragon kicked into the Milky Way Milky Way...

Death by Milky Way Kid.

Death by death.

Death by life.

Death by undead kittens.

Death by flaming onions.

Death by camping.

Death by double dipping.

Death by Zapdos.

You wake up in a surgical room, strapped to a table at the wrists, biceps, ankles, and thighs. The instant you start to struggle, a sharp pain rips through your abdomen. You scream in agony, then timidly look down at your stomach. There are crude stitches in a circle below your ribcage. As you ponder this painful addition to your being, a robotic arm swings in over your head, with a needle clutched in its manipulators. Before you have time to lodge a protest, the needle is jabbed deep into the center of the stitches, and the contents injected into you. As the arm retreats, you look around the room in hopes of getting an idea of just what in the hell is going on. A bulletin board five feet away gets your attention with the headline: UTERINE IMPLANT. When you realize just what the fuck is going on, your gut starts ballooning. Within seconds, you appear to be heavily pregnant. A practiced eye would still be puzzled as hell, but estimate that you had at least 20 beings growing in this unnatural gestation. Above the pain, you are able to hear a honking noise coming from your swollen midsection, and as it grows, the honking increases. Mere seconds later, your skin is no longer able to contain the force behind the growth, and you split in half as five fully grown clowns fall out of you. The last thing you experience is the largest of them coming right up to your face and honking his nose as you die.

Crushed by whale carcass.

(Thank you for executing me in such a manner. Bravo.)

Death by excessive blur effects!

Death by too much freak-out at the sight of the blurdeath.

Death by terrible frame rate.

Death by failure to grind sufficiently.

Death by twerking.

Death by glue factory.

Death by full motion video!

Death by animatic.

Death by smiling.

Death by happy.

Death by Steam sales.

Death by holding in the urge to buy.

Death by revenge of the server hamsters.

Death by abacus.

Death by science.

After a long day typing three word responses Redlin went to bed. But they were surprised to wake up tied to a chair, suspended in lime flavoured jelly, with their head sticking out. After several hours of being forced to watch concentrated justin bieber I beat them to death with a salty fish wrapped in a copy of the daily mail. And then jumped on the jelly like a trampoline.

Death by sudden, violent and hitherto-unknown allergy to lime jelly.

Death by melancholy

Death by M Night Shyamalan

Death by Micheal Bay explosions.

Death by having a Snorlax fall on you.

Death by obtuse intermalectual ending full of "meanings".

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