Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Death by a non blur photo

Death by Professor Oak

Death by ironically being hunted.

Death by horrible animes.

Death by server hamster.

Death by obsessed fan girls

Death by Kitsune eating carnivores

Death by evolution gone wrong.

Death by breaking neck from headbanging way too fast

Death by booby overload

Death by LRR.

Death by Sassafrass.

Death by being locked in a room with the Inspector Gadget theme playing on a constant loop, until it drives you mad and you decide to commit suicide to end it

Death by DDoS attack

Death by Windows 3.1

Death by a bear that is Death of the animal kingdom.

Crushed to death by hats at school.

Beaten to death by Ronald Mech-Donald!

Getting in the way of my rocket! That'll teach you to crouch in front of me.

Tripping over a pile of swords.

Spending too much time with Ronald Meth-Donald.

Death by the caps lock key.

Death by pie to the face.

Death by a boot to the head!

Death by Cher

Death by tripping over the body of a beaten horse.

Death by a fat tub of kitties eating fish.

Death by Nuzlocke.

Death by coming into contact with a version of yourself from a different time.

Death by looking at usernames.

Death by drowning in a pile of puppies.

Death by Yahtzee.

Death by dubstep.

Death by snow

Death by banana!

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