Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Death by twerking.

Death by glue factory.

Death by full motion video!

Death by animatic.

Death by smiling.

Death by happy.

Death by Steam sales.

Death by holding in the urge to buy.

Death by revenge of the server hamsters.

Death by abacus.

Death by science.

After a long day typing three word responses Redlin went to bed. But they were surprised to wake up tied to a chair, suspended in lime flavoured jelly, with their head sticking out. After several hours of being forced to watch concentrated justin bieber I beat them to death with a salty fish wrapped in a copy of the daily mail. And then jumped on the jelly like a trampoline.

Death by sudden, violent and hitherto-unknown allergy to lime jelly.

Death by melancholy

Death by M Night Shyamalan

Death by Micheal Bay explosions.

Death by having a Snorlax fall on you.

Death by obtuse intermalectual ending full of "meanings".

Death by a non blur photo

Death by Professor Oak

Death by ironically being hunted.

Death by horrible animes.

Death by server hamster.

Death by obsessed fan girls

Death by Kitsune eating carnivores

Death by evolution gone wrong.

Death by breaking neck from headbanging way too fast

Death by booby overload

Death by LRR.

Death by Sassafrass.

Death by being locked in a room with the Inspector Gadget theme playing on a constant loop, until it drives you mad and you decide to commit suicide to end it

Death by DDoS attack

Death by Windows 3.1

Death by a bear that is Death of the animal kingdom.

Crushed to death by hats at school.

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