Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Death by tangerine avalanche.

I hereby sentence you to be boob-slapped to death!

You've earned a sentence of death by titsplosion, I think!

Death by mass acceleration of Jell-O.

Death by prickly pants.

beaten with the dildo saber prop from Saints Row that Jim Sterling used in a couple episodes of The Jimquisition.

Slapped to death by Siva.


Smothered by huge boobs.

Crushed by a falling dalek.

@$$-phyxiated - smothered beneath a 400 pound woman that passes out while on top! congrats you are on an episode of 1000 ways to die!

Death by political speeches.

Death by old threads.

Death by pimp flair overdose.

I hereby sentence thee to be spanked to death!

Let's see how you enjoy life in space with no oxygen! Ready the cannon of impracticality!

The Blue Grass Chamber!

Prepare to enter the chamber of screaming heads!

tickled to death!

Death by peashooters.

assailed my increasingly monstrously bad puns until you go insane.

Death by the uncomfortable farts of strangers.

death by pillowfight!

Death by cheese overdose.

Death by pepper overdose.

Death by flatulence!

Death by Lucas edits.

FALCON PUNCH! also your execution is going to take out a big chunk of the galaxy as well.

Death by Han shooting first.

Death by being buried in elephant dung. (that actually happened to some unfortunate soul. he was a zoo employee and the zoo's prize elephant was severly constipated. finally something worked, but unfortunately the employee was standing right behind the elephant. the force of its sudden defecation knocked him over where he hit his head on a rock and fell unconscious as the elephant buried him under fecal matter, suffocating him.)

I saw a dude get his head stuck up a rhino's butt once. May have been a hippo. It's definitely on video, though.

Death by slippy nubile oversexing.

10,000 volts straight to the nipples!

Death by unbearable lithping.

the wavy gravy goodbye!

Death by overzealous Mexican wave.

the old faithfull faithfull mouthfull

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