Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Smothered by anime boobs!

Death by smoothies.

The Indianapolis 500 speed bump bump-off

Death by Half-Life 2: Deathmatch marathon.

Death by nerf darts!

Death by J├Ągermeister shots!

Forced to listen to Vogun poetry.

Death by croquet mallets!

Thrown to the meat clocks!

Attached to a rocket headed to Mars.

The Laughing Gas Chamber!

Death by pie catapults.

sucked into the folds of the world's fattest woman!

Death by Gruntilda.

the Seattle space needle leathal injection!

Death by overcroppage.

cartoon explosions.

Death by charming pigs.

death by spongbob marathon!

Death by rocketeers!

assailed not stop by monstrously bad puns until you go insane.

Death by a jar of mayonnaise to the head.

Wile E coyote level acme product mishap.

Death by the Eiffel tower falling on you.

fired from a catapult towards the sun.

Bludgeoned with a bat by Charles Babbage.

drowned in mayonnaise.

Buried in potato chips.

Death by Beeees?

Death by Labrador charge.

annoyed by fleas until you scratch yourself to death.

Accidentally lie on your own spikes. Ouchie.

Forced to watch Azmodan shake his horrifying demon man boobs until you claw your own eyes out.

Death by Skrillex overdose.

tied to a shark and a rocket fired into a volcano.

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