Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Death by Shaq Fu.

watching the saddest movies scenes over and over until you cry yourself to death.

Death by Jigglypuff-induced coma.

laughing yourself to death (someone has actually done that, made an episode of 1000 ways to die)

The Love-goddess from Gods of Egypt commands you to burn yourself, but your scales are fire-proof. You then swallow her whole, but she tear from your throat to your lung where you can hear her muffled voice commanding you to smack yourself in the face with your tail until dead.

Death by smurf-smurf.

A ghost takes control and has you take off your own face just to look around.

Death by pancake overfeeding.

smothered by a fat lady.

Death by pillow fights.

eaten by a telepathic tomato sandwich.

Accidentally squashed by a giant statue of himself.

Dance Dance Revolution til exhaustion of death.

Death by poetry reading.

Forced to listen to Volgun poetry until you tear your own ears off just to not hear anymore.

Fumbles the Goblin Rube Golbergs an arrow into that gap in your scales, then you crash-land directly on top of him.

boiled alive in a vat of hot chocolate!

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