Would you trust the avatar aboue you in a dire situation?

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would yew


Definitely not.

Well, they seem to be good at a bad situation. So yes, but what happens afterwards would be a diffrent story...

No. It is a skeleton. Skeletons do not move.

She's just staring at me! Save me dammit!

I guess so since you have a big heart of energy.

I don't really trust anything if I can't make out what it is.

If he has his butler with him, then hell yes.

Best of the 3:
I don't really trust anything if I can't make out what it is.

(survivor with gasmask shooting at mutants)

Ok then, if against mutants then hell yes. ANything else noooo! Gas masks can look real freaky.

No, I don't think I would. I wouldn't even be able to trust him if he had his butler along because I have no soul to sell to the butler.

I dunno a neko-chan is sort of useless as anything other than a sex toy or main character in a random harem...<.<

Maybe if they could get out of that damned TV they're stuck in, they might be useful. Although, I could throw that TV at an enemy...
Yes, I do believe they could come in handy in the right circumstances, so yes, I would trust it in certain dire situations.

I'd trust it for a hug!
Other then that... Maybe.

Of course I would, it's CC. She be an immortal wench. Immortals are pretty good for getting out of tight situations.

Do I sense a nom nom nom?
See above only with more SQUEE!

I could use her as a shield. An immortal shield that I could hide behind indefinitely.

If I was being attacked by anything with a soul "Distract and flee combo!"

A car would be a useful getaway vehicle.

Well I'd have to Macgyver my way out of the 'situation' I'm in...

He runs up and throws a pie at someone. I'm not entirely sure that'll help in too many situations.

Looking at the avatar yes, looking at some of the badges, no.

I'm not sure what gender it is, let alone what it actually is, so I'd have to say I can't trust it in any situation right now.


I'd trust you. You question the situation which means your a cautious and not an idiot.


I suppose I can't really trust it too much right now. It appears to have an eyepatch. Untrustworthy people usually wear eyepatches.

Nope, can't trust him. Only pirates and awesome people wear eye patches and if he doesn't like that he can bugger off.

Pirates are untrustworthy people. They also wear eyepatches.

Good thing I'm not a pirate then right?

Not at all, his butler maybe.

I definitly would...if blinking could save my life. Otherwise they're useless. I can just fight my way out with a yo-yo and a teddy bear anyways.

If seducing a male could help me then sure.

Oh it can. It very well can.

OT: Poisened pie attack? Hell ya I'd trust him to be on my side!

Hell yeah, not only is he a soldier but he's got a sense of humor, I like that.

I guess, but only because he proved to be a half decent ninja, and also retrieved my post from the jaws of the internet.

Well since their post just got nomd I'd say no. AND THEY GOT NINJAED.

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