Would you trust the avatar aboue you in a dire situation?

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A mysterious man with tinted glasses?

...what the hell, I'll give it a shot.

I'm sure I can trust felicia... I hope.

Err...I think so...

Mega man, I would trust him.

Just hope he knows that when we find that meteor, we'll find Dr. Willy.

Look at that face. Who wouldn't trust that.
My life is in good hands

It depends. If it's Magus/adult, then definitely not. If it's Janus/child, then maybe.

I'm sure I can trust her. She is a damn good body guard/gardener

How could I not trust my avatar, he's a viking and he has a flail (despite popular belief that they are nunchucks) he could save me in a heart beat. well at least I hope so.

...I might....
Although he does look like a testosterone blob...

I don't trust fairies at the best of times.

She's reliable and badass.

And cute.

So hell yes!

I suppose I could keep you in a bottle and release you for health

With that stare, hell yeah I would trust them.

Not at all!

D: I'm hurt D':

I won't trust them with a glass of water. ^^

I wouldn't trust you to open a tin of baked beans that was already open.

I wouldn't trust them with empty space. ^^

...I trust him...

Laharl? I think I can...

I don't know, maybe...

I don't trust them at all.


Not a chance.

Hmm. Not sure. I think I'd find it hard to trust someone when I couldn't see their eyes...

They have to be the shiftiest person on here (avatar wise) so no.

Who said judging a book by its cover was a bad system. ^^

...I don't know why, but I would.

Don't eat me don't eat me don't eat me...

Their avatar looks like they can get the job done, so hell yeah. ^^

@13teenz14: He won't eat you he is too nice. ^^

I wouldn't trust him with a ham sandwich.

Hmm, I dont think so, I wouldnt even trust him with my brief case of top secret stuff.

I know how well he lies. He could be useful >:3

He's covered my ass once before.

So yes...unless (insert dramatic evil music here)

Well, I guess I could trust him. I mean he's giving me a thumbs up with a wink. So he has to be trustworthy. Right?


Likely not.


I do to some degree ^_^ enough to get the job done. ^_^

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