Would you trust the avatar aboue you in a dire situation?

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Hmm I'd say yes, yes I would trust you. You may have a lot of eye shadow stuff on, but that means I should trust you more! Yay for random logic!

He looks like a mix of Cleopatra and Brandon Lee in The Crow.

Not really.
But he seems like he'd lighten up the mood of said dire situation, unless he's laughing at me, then he'd probably make it worse.

You look like you'd make the right decision, but might take too long making it.

Probably not.
He'd make a decision quickly,
but that decision might not be in my favor.

Maybe if he is the friendly dragon type.

I would, we have a kinship!

As long as his magic keeps me out of harms way. Yes...

Well, since he looks as if he IS the dire situation, of course I would trust him, if only to stay n his good side.


Sure, I'd trust that kitty, doesn't mean it would be of much use though...

No not really, but then who am I to speak...

No, eyeballs are never good people! I do like the fire however...

A orange knight of course I would trust him, there is no greater protector than a knight in armour

I would trust you! Who wouldn't trust that sexy walk!

Yes, as a necromancer an adorable blue cat skeleton is right up my ally.

A necromancer eh? Sure I'd trust you, as long as you stop eying me up like that.

Sure, we could rip shit up!

Your eyes are too big and your arms too short.

No, that horse looks like it would backstab me!

Sure, he'd have some idea on how to get around a problem.

... Yes. Because I'm racist, and on looking at it once I can tell it can fuck things up with the best of them.

Yes, who wouldn't trust Bard? (unless it's cooking)

Well Happy is extremely reliable! Usually...

Of course! SLF is a pro skull buster!

Aww hell na-....I kid, of course I would...look at dat cuteness. (That you could betray anytime)

Yep, your heart is toasty, and I trust people based on the results of personality quizzes.
We all know personality quizzes taken online are always %100 accurate all the time.

Yes, because the only better than one large, scale covered beast is two large, scale covered beasts.

Of course, because what could possibly go wrong?

Of course, it's not like he will eat me or something.

No, I don't like the those hungry eyes!

No, because he's a cat.

Yes because it'll probably be funny to watch it try and help.

No...I don't even know what it is...

Look at that thing!
No. Just no.

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