Would you trust the avatar aboue you in a dire situation?

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Sure you "follow the light".

Sure, I would do a fire quote, but I would rather complement your badges instead!

Sure, I know you would never hurt those potatoes.

Of course, we've been through so much together.

Of course... he knows so much about me.

Of course, we are procrastination buddies!

Nope, he's a kitty. Kitties are harmful.

A shadowy angry figure with a horn and pointy theet, seems pretty trustworthy to me!

Who the hell are you?... Definitely not.

One of us is probably the cause of this dire situation so... Yis.

Nah. He's too easily stunlocked.

Yes. :3

I think I'll keep him at a respectful distance, but he seems capable, assuming he's on my side.

Same goes for you.

In that darkness? No way.

#OMG #Revival #I am amazing #Memories

No, he's quite clearly evil and vicious. Just look at that face. Pure malevolence.

I haven't even seen Coraline!

Probably. It seems so happy. And just look at those eyes!

Oh hell no. If he's not going to be working on some plan to play me, he's going to keep coming up with these stupid riddles and that shit's annoying brah.

Uhh, not sure if wise to trust the Riddler...

To trust a cat would be even more foolish than to trust Gendo.

Not unless you stops doing that Derren Brown impression. I have nothing against the man...there's just something creepy about his face.

Barbas is loyal as loyal can be...

Sure. I applaud and share in your commitment to antiquated headwear.

No. His riddles would waste valuable time!

He'll most likely be the reason I'm in said situation. So no.

Most likely considering that he always has a plan for everything.

Certainly. He and I are of one mind and one goal.

No, it isn't working.

Certainly. I can't see any reason as to why I would be suspicious of him.

I have no problems trusting a ship with the words Boston in it!

As long as that adorable Santa hat stays on his head, I would trust him with my first-born son.

(I don't actually have a first-born son and never will.)


such security

Whatever he is, I don't think he can be harmed by terrestrial weaponry, so definitely.

If the dire situation was due to a certain Daedric Prince, then no.

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