Would you trust the avatar aboue you in a dire situation?

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If the situation involved a certain Admiral with a penchant for detecting...unintended falsehoods, then perhaps it would be a bad idea, but for all other situations, certainly.

I guess I could, she doesn't look like a 'leave you for dead' kind of person.

Maybe, if she didn't have to move.

Ya I'd trust her. Becasue If I didn't she'd kill me.

I would trust him. He seems trustworthy.

Yeah, she's one of the cooler aliens I know of.


Haha oh wow.

Of course! I just need a constant supply of potions.

Well she's always falling...<.<



That depends... do you know Curaga?

I know all spells ever, even White Wizard spells, I has AR you know.

OT: Unsure S(he) is a rapist...


My character is a girl... and arguably a rapist...<.<

Depends. Is she my friend?

If I understand correctly, I'd be completely, and thoroughly murdered by that girl if I weren't.

Maybe if he wasn't the cause...

Maybe... Maybe...

I would think she would be the dire situation. In which case I'd say no.

I still have no idea what the fuck that is, so likely not.

Have anymore MP left?

Sure! Mages are good for sticky situations!
No, I don't think I could trust a broken monitor.

No. That ragtag crew would never be able to save me.

Probably not. She looks void of emotions. I can't trust anything like that.

Its my policy not to trust humanoids with animal ears...even if they do look good on you

He just screams scary. I'd stay away from him.

He has the power to...cuddle. So yes I would trust him.

As said before, Its my policy not to trust humanoids with animal ears

Maybe. No.

He looks completely reliable, trustworthy, and full of the kind of manliness one might need in a dire situation.
Yes, I would trust her. "Always trust a ninja" is what I say.

Trust that little pocket rocket. Umm... no.

Maybe. What are his motives?

I'm gonna say no. I would not put my life in the hands of a small japanese girl.

I don't really see how a wheel could betray me...but I don't see how it would help me ether

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