Would you trust the avatar aboue you in a dire situation?

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maybe..... he either looks like a good guy or a low ranking bad guy...

Not with anything for any reason.

Ninjas are usually pretty trustworthy

Another opportunity to exploit my avatarless status!

I don't know. The guy looks pretty mean, and like they could handle some pretty dicey situations.

I don't put my trust in something that's non-existant.

Depends. How dire is getting a delivery on time?

I dunno does this situation have to do with being attacked by an alien life form?

Someone who won't even have the decency to focus themselves? NOPE! :D

Seems a bit short to be much use? Unless you had to go through a really small gap?...

No. He does not like me.

Absolutely, but would she trust me?

Possibly. Tell me why you want to help.

Ummm...out of the goodness of my heart?

Okay, then.

I trust her for sure! How could such a face betray you?

I would trust any logo that is willing to help me. Logos do not lie.

No. I don't feel like being winked out of existence by an uncaring alien.

Trust some creepy creeperson? I don't think so!

Hmm, that sign looks trustworthy...

i don't know.... he's more warrish than helpish. But i will take my chances.

But i promise, i will help you whoever happens to be next to me.

He looks useless...So I could probably eat him when I'm hungry.

Yes. He knows I will :3


That's the blinking of a diabolical fiend!

Who would not trust Cthulhu?

Of course I would... Cthulhu is a pretty trustworthy guy.

Damn it Ninja'd...

Well... normally I would trust that one... but now that he/she has ninja'd me... I just don't know...

Even though he has f*****d my head all over and I called him a fish face I think I probably would trust him.

You can always trust someone with an eye patch, is what I always say.

If he is capable of flight then sure, why not.

Depends who that cake is for.

I know he has a lot of weapons. Will they be used on me is the question.

No, he tricks me far too often...<.<

I guess so, just as long as she doesn't cannibalize me into computer parts.

This person seems a little too hooked to computers.

Sure, as long as he doesn't kill me first.

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