Would you trust the avatar aboue you in a dire situation?

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Either way, i trust her.

No, he trusts people too easily.

No. She's too innocent.

For denying herself protection, i am also inclined to say no.

The avatar itself, possibly. THe guy behind it, more likely.

No. He is too busy eating sweets to be useful.

And this guys to busy reading to be useful.

Dangit... Now is not the time to eat! I would trust you if I was fighting an ice cream monster.

If I needed yo fly I would trust you. I'd just borrow 2 of your wings.

He is out of shape, so no.

Are you the one trying to get me?!

Sorta, he might kill me but other than that he seems pretty nice.

Vikings aren't technically known for their loving nature.

I have yet to find reason why I shouldn't.

Same here same here.

Certainly. Who would not trust a butler?

No. She/He (With Japan, it's sometimes hard to tell) is like 8 years old.

FOR THE NEXT POSTER: In case you can't tell, that's Richard Nixon. Just so you know.

Richard Nixon... bye-bye.

Trust is for the weak, I'd just order this butler around.

He has cake and a butler. Of course I do.

Cute little neko boy, sure, why not.

I am inclined to say Yes.

I'd trust him to get out of the situation, but wouldn't trust him to not kill me in the process. >.>

Um... Is he my lawyer and is he against Phoenix Wright?


No, he looks like he might burn my hand off.

I don't weigh that much. Might save me from falling off a ledge.

I don't think I can, he changes more often than a person with DID.

That gives me an idea!

OT: I'll save HIM but i doubt he'll return the favour.

He's right, I'd have him pull me up from a cliff then kick him off of it.

In any situation solvable with cake armies, certainly.

Of corse I will.

He can just use "explosion" =3

No, he is too preoccupied to be of help.

She is wearing a Christmas hat! Sure!

He would fear me greatly, ergo I trust him to continue to fear me and do as I instruct.

As all humans should do!

His ego gets in the way.

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