Truth or False?

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Person below me will ninja this post

True, you bastard
The person below is awesome

True! I am the best!
The person below me is an atheist.

EDIT (Ninja): true

person below me has more than 3 bladed objects within viewing distance of his/her seat


The person below is watching 28 weeks later

False...I wish I was
The person below me loves horror movies

True, i am the one watching it.

the person below is more feminine that he/she wants to be

True actually. I'm quite effeminate.
The person below me plays Tabletop board games.


The person below me is interested in a game related career.


Person below me is currently eating

The user below me has an avaatar.

False, the image you see is just a window into my room, i always stare at my webcam like that.

The user below Is a halo fan rather than a COD fan

False. I can play neither of them. T_T
The user below me can not dance.


User below me has a cat

False although I did
The user below me has an army aavatar

true. She is!
The user below me has... a Wii.

True...although I never use it
The User below me has posted on this thread more than twice


User below me is Spartan1077

False! It is I!
The user below me is...*Insert generic statement.*

Editing once Hetlan makes a question
True! I am *insert generic statement* how did you know?
The use below me will not openly admit personal information about themselves(name, sexual orientation, adress or that other thing that they warn you about in school...PSA or something I dunno it's all stupid only people that don't have common sense give out information like that) on the internet

The user below me will be... HUMAN!!!

False, I'm an advertisement robot...did I mention for you to visit ?

The person below me is playing games while they are posting on the forums


The below poster is not human.

The user below me can dance if he wants to. He can leave his friends behind. But if his friends don't dance, but if they don't dance, they are no friends of mine.

False. I can't do the safety dance:(

The person below thinks pirates beat ninjas(Which is wrong)

Everything the user below me says is a lie.

True...I mean False
THe user below me still thinks, "The cake is a lie" is original and funny

Considering I've never played Portal. True.
The user below me is a waffle.


The person below me is secretly part of a mafia family.

False. I'm not even the right nationality
The user below me's avatar is of unknown origin

True. But I'll find it eventually.
The user below me is odd.

True and I'm not odd your just to normal.

The person below me has been gaming for more than 10 years.

True-ever since I was 2
The user below me is scared of clowns.

The user below me is an unabashed coward

False-but I do go into hysterics and hallucinations every now and then
The user below me has no physical diseases

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