Truth or False?

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Depends, sprinting causes a lot of pain and ends in my limping for a bit.

The person below isn't so frail.


The person below me plays a sport.

False... but I'd like to.

The next poster is an avid player of Tennis.

True... if you classify Muay Thai as a sport...

The next user remembers the Clangers...

False. But I did just google them.

The person below me is listening to music.

False, but I am wearing headphones >.> Music... good call. Thanks for the heads up :P

The next poster is well versed in HTML.


The next poster is an elite hacker.


The person below knows someone with ties to Anon.

False hopefully.

The person below is wibbly wobbly.

False, Weebles wobble but they dont fall down

TThe person below has a sexy sex haircut

False... I just trim it short...

Aliens are coming for us!

True... thankfully they've stopped stalking me for now.

The next poster is too busy playing games to post right now.

True. That's why I didn't post until... Now.

The next poster will post about the same time as their post is posted.

How did you know... Are you spying on me!?

The next poster is being spied on.

False. I keep an eye on my back at all times. >:3

The person below believes in true love. ;3

True. I've only ever had one girlfriend, and that relationship has been going for 6 years and is still strong.

The next poster hates my bragging.

False, I'm kind of indifferent.

The person below likes to burn candles.


The next poster is a pyromaniac.

False... *can't think of anything to add*

Necromancy is the way forward...(!)

False, I think it's the way to nowhere.

The next poster has OCD.

False. At least, I don't believe I do.

The user below is tired.

True. (Gonna need some coffee if I ever intend to get through this Psychology book I'm currently neglecting.)

The following poster is now blinking involuntarily.


The next poster is looking forward to the Avengers movie.

False! I managed to resist the reflex ^^

False... not my sorta thing.

The next poster is hallucinating rainbows.


The next poster believes that whatever is true is actually false and that in so believing is actually true.

Excuse me while I go figure out that grammar...

The devil's behind you.

False. He actually resides in an office elevator.

Candlejack is behind yo

True! OH SHI!!!

My avatar was made by myself.

False - it was crafted by one of your many (probably dead) minions... =P

I am my avatar...

False I still have no clue what it is.

The person below me dose know.

False. What the hell is it?

The person below doesn't care.

False. I care a lot.

The next poster has a pet invertebrate.

If I did have a pet he would have a backbone......or be a goldfish.

The person below me has had a gold fish.

False, never have yet.

The person below had a dog as a childhood pet.


The person below me has nothing planned for today.

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