Truth or False?

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False... introducing my wolf-hound...

Michael Fassbender is evil...(!)

True? I have no idea who that is.

Microsoft is as evil as people say.


The person below me is a scrub.


The person below me is eating something.

False I'm chewing on it but I'm not gonna eat it...

The person below me is in class at the moment...<.<

False... at home in my PJ's...

The Inquisition is coming!

False, they're not so inquisitive anymore..

The person below me is conflicted.

True. In some ways~

The person below me is watching TV~

False... I don't really watch TV...

The person below is on the otherside of the world from me... because we have complete opposite hours on the escapist...<.<

Er, true, I think.

Someone hailing from the UK~?

True but not living there.

The next person enjoys firing the last shot before popping off the heat sink.

Feeeeeels sooo goooooooooooood~

The person below me wasn't invited to this shindig.

True, but I thought I'd come anyways because there's free fire.

The person below me has ridden a horse before.


The person below me has approximately 3 shiggles.

Don't know what shiggles are.

The person below me hates asshats.


The person below me owns at least four hats.


The person below me is not really a person

True... I am so much less...

12lbers rule!


Saturdays are the best.

True so many times true.

Sunday nights are terrible.

Depends... who's it with?!

I am Alpharius.

False... Fry is not sure.jpg

The next poster has reach.

...Er, Halo Reach? Reach...? True, I think.

The next poster goes to the gym.


The person below me likes adventure time...

False never heard of it.

The person below me has heared the word ouns before.

True... but I don't know what it means.

The next poster is currently half-naked.

False, that would be awkward since I'm in school...

The person below me is posting from home.


The next poster is supposed to be doing something else rather than browsing the Escapist.

(Very) True.

The person below still owns at least one Gen 1 Pokémon card

False... sadly not.

The next poster has a sanity card I can borrow.

False. I don't even have one for myself!

The next poster can recommend a good JRPG to me that isn't made by Square.

True. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series? Some are localised/published by square-enix but they're all developed by Atlus.

The next poster thinks that's a good recommendation.

False... haven't watched m'self, so can't say it's a good one... yet... hopefully.

My phone sucks...

False, it's survived a pond. :')

The next poster enjoys going for long walks alone.


The next poster is left-handed.

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