Truth or False?

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The next person's is feeling sick and needs to grab some peelz from the store


The person below me could really go for some ice cream right about now.

False, just ate.

The person below me likes cake and ice cream.


The next poster is jelly of people who eat jelly all the time.


The next user can laugh like Mark Hamill.

False, I suck at impersinations and accents

The person below me joined the escapist because of Yahtzee.


The next person has seen some sh#t

True O_O

The next person has licked a donkey's eye.


The person below me has a favorite musician...

True. Iron Maiden. Every album they made had at least one song I liked

The next person has heard a Prince album


The next person isn't a person but rather a figment of my imagination.

True. I dwell within the darkest recesses of your mind and manifest myself as all of your fears. (Sinister cackle)

The next person can't do a perfect handstand.

True! I don't think I could even do a poor one..? Well.. maybe I could do a poor one.. and that's including using the wall for support.

The person below me has been to Six Flags or equivalent.

True. last year I went to 'MERICA!

the person below...likes....pancakes.

Haven't had one in a long time

The next person has used a bow and arrow


The person below me plays the harmonica.


The person below dyes their hair.


The person below me likes to play with their hair.

Only when I'm nervous.

The person below has cookies.

Not right now, being in school...

The person below me wants cookies once I get home.

True! :D

The person below will tell me how to get the Rayman badge. O_O


The next user will give me chocolate.(Please)


The person below me knows that spork is not a verb... I think.


The next poster has.

False <.<

The person below me uses shifty eyes a lot >.>

Only in public, because I'm socially uncomfortable

The next person has sneezed their face off

False, but I've faced my sneeze off.

The person below me is from one of Saturn's moons.

False, but I've delivered packages there before..

The person below me still hasn't found Waldo.

False, I have found wally though.
The person below me has a gay best friend

True... not intentionally though...

The person below me doesn't support the military machine...

False... I eat meat everyday... sometimes raw...<.<

The person below me is totally on board with the Resident Evil story line...<.<

True... to all of it...<.<

The person below me enjoys hardcore punk rock...

I'm going to say no to that to avoid suspicion from the government...<.<

the person below me won't die even if they're killed...<.<

False. Can't ride a bike

The next person don't know sh#t

true. My opinion of my own intellect is...'not good' I'm told It is also irrational and disturbing to watch.

The next person has had a delicious cheeseburger from the Canadian Chain 'Harveys'

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