Truth or False?

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Some what true...I'm sure he wanted a hug. :D

You want a pancake house...

False? I mean, if I'm the owner then yeah, because then I can make money off of something that I sort of like but am not crazy about.

The person below me thinks pancakes are alright.


The next person can't sleep without someone watching them

False, I can't sleep if there's another person in the room much less watching me.

The person below me levitates while he/she's asleep but lands before waking up.


The next poster has real friends.

True, but not many...

The next person likes chocolate cake.

TRUE!!! *ahem* uh...true.

The next person hates candy.


The person belffog;'ogbvdbypfefrufijggobthsdfeghydfpshdfbaipbfvpfu

I feel asleep on the keyboard again, do you?

Yes, I "feel" asleep all the time...

The next person makes mistakes like the above all the time.

I do apologize, I didn't notice that

The next person is humble

False, I have mentioned I'm an amazing person on multiple occasions and I've said I'm pretty attractive and sexy too, so nope not at all.

The next person is very sexy.

I wish

The next person have survived some serious shitstorms

None that I can think of.
The next person is female


The person below me is expecting some mail.


The next person wonders what ever happened to Matt LeBlanc

False, Joey happened to him, understandably his career died. he was in something called Episodes and is going to be on something called Lovesick.

The next person couldn't live without the good old search engines.

The person below loves anime


The person below is from the future!


The next person is psychic.

I don't believe in that

The next person loves the smell of Cthulu in the morning

True :3
The next person has broken the law before

True I have littered and run a few red lights

The next person will answer false

The next person has a very high IQ

I hope so. I'd like to consider myself a man of common sense, but my General Knowledge stills needs some refinement

The next person has keen observation skills

True you missed two full stops. (I felt like a dick saying that sorry)

The person below me has watched the sun rise in the last month.


The person below PRAISES THE SUN!

Sure, why not?

The next person hates gif avatars!


The next person laughs at movie violence


The next person hates j-rock.

False. I've never heard it.

The next person is the mighty overlord of cabbage!


There is a time and a place for eating your own eyes. Now is one of them.

Like that will happen. (removes eyes and eats them)

This is the part where you write George Michael's Christmas List

next person has a post count below 1000

Not sure...I'll say...false.

The next person responds well to sarcasm.

True >_>

The next poster will reply sarcastically.

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