Truth or False?

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I have an annoying avatar.

It needs a change, yes

The person below tried to steal Columbus Day and paid the price

False If I tried to steal a day I'd pick something smaller.

The person below me likes really bluesy music.

Eh...kind of...?

The next person has a favorite genre of gaming.

False, I'll play anything except sports or fighting games.
The person below me is blue

Nope, red and black.
The person below me envies Yahtzee's hat.


The person below me hates rap music with the fiery passion of a 1000 foreman grills!

True, except for maybe one or two songs that can't be entirely considered rap.

The person below me has played a recent Pokemon game. (Any version on the DS)

True. Soulsilver.

The next poster lieks Chrono Trigger.

I haven't actually played Chrono Trigger, but I'm sure I'd like it if I did.

The next person thinks I've committed a crime against humanity.

I don't know

The next person wants extra ketchup on their grave

only if my organs are being ritualistically eaten by my 'friends'.

The next person wishes for a second season of Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu.


The next person knows the show that the above (Verzin) wants.

Not quite.

The next poster is a juggalo.


The next person wants to hug Boris Johnson

False. I don't know who that is.

The person below me is terrible.


The next person watches Russell Howard's Good News


The next person is going out tonight.

False. I plan to game and then rock in the corner crying.

The person below me is using a laptop.
And after reading this will check how much battery is left.

True and false. I am using a laptop, but I didn't check the battery, because it's plugged in.

The person below me owns a very nice hat.

False. I have no hat.

Edit:The person below me just double posted.

Edit: true. I also have no idea how it happened.

The person below me is procrastinating on something right now.


The person below me likes listening to people read badfic.


The next poster is a badfic author.


The next person loves the sight of soft baby animals

True, though it depends on what animal it is.

The next poster has blue eyes.


The next poster has green eyes.

False, although I do like them...

The person below me is bland.


The next person wishes they were as bad as Michael Jackson

False. I don't want to be in a court ever.

The person below me doesn't want to marry.


The next person barely survived the pony take-over

False. I survived without a scratch.

The next poster is on fire.

Half true, (my avatar is, I don't have the badge, and I sure hope I'm not actually on fire...)

The next person is a "morning person".


The next poster is wearing cat ears.

False, my previous avatar did, however.

The next poster likes spicy food.

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