Truth or False?

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True, it took me forever to learn.

The person below me thinks I'm lying


The person below seldom lies.


the person below me loves the world.


The person below me loves alcohol.

Oh so very true.

The person below me has never had wine.

False, I have but I kinda vomited...A lot...

The person below can drink like a sailor[1].

[1] Whatever that means...

True but after I fall over like a blind man in a room of knee high stools.

The person below me has five tabs open.


The next person enjoys lighting their farts on a daily basis

FAL.. true :(

The person below is abusive with vegetables.

False (wat?)

The next person has a love for beef steak!


The next person needs more cat in their diet


The person below me cares not for the end of the word.


The person below me does not change their avatar

False. I did recently

The next person literally has their cake and eats it

True (I get free cakes when I leave work)

The person below has a hatred for rodents!


The next person is glad the Apocalypse didn't happen this year


True I can watch the cricket more!

The person below me has played sport before. (Not in school of your own free will)

True (but I didn't enjoy it)

The person below me finds Ferrets to be adorable.

Very True...

The person below me is currently naked...

false true

the person below me watches alot of anime.


The next person wants to cuddle ducks

False, I think ducks are bastards.

The person below me would like to cuddle a caiman.

Unspecified: I cannot find this "calman" you speak of

The next person farts in someones general direction


The next person should try to spend less time arguing on the internet.


The person below me isn't ready for Christmas yet.

False! Bring it on!

The person below has read a comment so stupid they imploded on themselves

LOL real life Vagineer



The next person has gone where no man (or woman) has gone before!

I'll get back to you on that

The next person finds it adorable when people try to act tough



The person below me just wants to watch the world burn.

False I just want to start a flame in your heart.

The person below me doesn't find references funny.

False. You should know this, I started it.

The person below me owns a sword of some kind.

True-ish I own a collectors knife.

The person below me cares for sport.

Nope. Despite being 6 feet 4 inches tall I don't care for any sport. Basketball is the worst.

The person below me is hungry.

False, I just had tea.

The person below me prefers tea to coffee.

Frue, I enjoy both

The next person is a man *punch* wears a purdy hat

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