Truth or False?

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True thanks for reminding me.

The person below me would prefer traveling to Europe over Canada.

False, I really wish I lived in Canada.

The next person wishes they lived somewhere else.

True, I wish I could afford to live in the city.

The next person wishes there was more time in the day for mucking about.

Definitely True. And to make up for my procrastination.

The next person below me needs a haircut

False, I had one a couple of days ago.

The person below me likes Adventure Time.

Whats that?

The person below is not replying to me.


The person below me has pressed the red button.


The next person is too busy popping zits to notice they're being invaded


The person below me suffers from bad acne.

False, it's not that bad.

The person below me has an annoying child in their life.

Yep. My best friend's brother...

The person below will answer false.


The next person knows how many herr derrs it takes to derble berble

Whatever that is, I do not.

The next person recently got a papercut.

Well I guess getting cut with cardboard counts as a papercut, so true.

The next person has tripped today, clumsy chap _

False, although you wouldn't know it to look at my face.

The next person below me likes doing card tricks.

False, I'm terrible and it's awful.

The person below me is a brony or brolan

I am no Brony, and have not come across the term brolan before, so I'm gonna assume that I'm not.

The person below me wants to move to another country.

True, there is nothing here where I live >.>

The next poster has been drinking heavily in the past 48 hours.


The next person knows where my avatar came from.


The person below me does not have to get up early tomorrow


The person below me hates cats

I hate IRL cats, but no issue with cats on the internet. So True, I guess...

The person below me uses more than 5 user groups

False. Just one.

The next person is in dire need of a haircut.

Eh, sort of true.

The next person is bald.

Nope. I actually recently sawed into my hand. It was very bloody.

Edit:Wow. I have no idea how but the comment I replied to was about 3 pages back, so I have hair.

The person below is listening to Miracle of Sound.


The next person will order now and I'll throw in a second beating, absolutley free


The person below me listens to game soundtracks.

Oh god true!

The person below has cried playing a game before!


The next person has seen every 007 film

False, I haven't seen skyfall

The person below me doesn't exercise regularly

You have no idea, man.

The next person thinks "Bacon Pancakes" is a terrible idea


False, I already eat pancakes with bacon, no idea how this would be all that different from that.

The next person shouldn't dance tomorrow >_> <_<

False, as far as I know... o.o

The person below will tell me a reason why I shouldn't.

True, if you start dancing, you might spill your tea.

the next person can't dance to save his life.

True but I can't imagine how it ever would.

The person below me can sing.

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