Truth or False?

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The next person has gone where no man (or woman) has gone before!

I'll get back to you on that

The next person finds it adorable when people try to act tough



The person below me just wants to watch the world burn.

False I just want to start a flame in your heart.

The person below me doesn't find references funny.

False. You should know this, I started it.

The person below me owns a sword of some kind.

True-ish I own a collectors knife.

The person below me cares for sport.

Nope. Despite being 6 feet 4 inches tall I don't care for any sport. Basketball is the worst.

The person below me is hungry.

False, I just had tea.

The person below me prefers tea to coffee.

Frue, I enjoy both

The next person is a man *punch* wears a purdy hat

First one true, second one false

The next person has been intoxicated in the past month.


The next person has a "Nuclear J*zz Cannon" and they will hold nations hostage with it


The person below me is taller than average.


Techno remixes can be as good as classical music.

True in general no but there are many exceptions.

There is no such thing as good dub-step.

True (I think)

The next person has a voice like liquid chocolate running down Barry White's back


The person below me considers their voice to be annoying.
I sound like I have mental issues... and not the insane kind.

I really don't know

The next person thinks Max Payne is good cop

False a cop killing one person here makes the news.

The person below me believes in a world without cats.

False (I am a cataholic)

The next person hates public access.

True (Get out, I'm using the bog!)

The next person wishes they had a literal Goldeneye

False, my eyesight is bad enough as it is.

The person below me thinks that Mount&Blade is awesome

False (never played it)

The next persons favorite type of show is comedy.


The next person has been so angry they farted themselves into space

False, I never fart standing up.

The person below me prefers nibbling carrots to nibbling apples.

True, actually.

The person below grew up with Looney Toons.

True. I remember when my family first got cable, and Cartoon Network

The person below is so bored they are willing to take over a random Media Franchise

True sounds like fun.

The person below me likes American sitcoms more than British sketch shows.

False, I prefer them to British Sitcoms mid you.

The person below me can only speak English.

Sad, yet true

The next person can't stop enjoying Gravity Falls

False, as I can't even start because I don't know what that is.

The person below me is a mature and responsible adult.

I try to be... >.>

The person below is indecisive.


The person below me likes to read manga.

Oh very much true!

The person below games with others often.

False. Full-time Single-player (I'm so alone)

The next person wants to bomb North Korea

False, I think that the North Korea thing will sort itself out, if they get close to a missile, Japan will want nukes for safety, they easily have the technology to do so. China will do anything to stop this, and will drop support of NK. With no allies left, it will crumble. DONE

The below me wants to nuke the whales

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