Truth or False?

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Er.. true, but as to how well.... false.

The person below me has a robot brain.

Not sure. Some seem to think I do. :o

The person below me has a craving for brains.

False. I don't have the zombie. Yet.

The person below has an exceptionally dirty mind.

False. Mildly dirty though.

The person below me has a dark sense of humor.


The next person can count to 100 in Egyptian

This person hasn't read a book in a long time.


The next person has never seen a Die Hard movie.

False. Seen all of them (so far)

The next person smells of printer ink

False, me thinks you have spent to much time next to a printer.
The person below is tired of coming up with questions to ask people?


The next person eats their fingers for fun

False, not for fun.

The person below doesn't like to drink water.


The person below me has played with their food.

True, once upon a time I did, when I was young and uneducated... *shivers*

The person below appreciates cold showers.

False, right temprature of GTFO

The next person drinks hot drinks like a stereotypical gentleman

Is there any other, my good sir?

The person below me prefers coffee to tea.

False Tea is the best hot drink in my humble opinion.

The person below me has watched a fair amount of Monty python sketches.

*Wonders about the capital T* >.>

False, I've hardly watched any.

The person below is in disguise.

*steps out of that fire hydrant*


The next person just cannot stop shaving (it feels so good)

False, according to my chinfuzz.

The next poster is married.

Only if followed by a hot shower, so false.

The person below me likes a good sauna.

I don't know.. I only tried going in one when I was 14.. so maybe false, since I haven't returned.

The person below me is likes to change their hairstyles.


The person below me normally just gets a head shave.


The next person can play the piano


The person below wants to punch something.


The person below me hasn't ever had an Guinness.


The next person loves the smell of their own farts

Ewww, false.

The next person also felt sick reading ultradeth's question.

Nope, I kinda do in an odd way, at least, more than other people's.

The person below now thinks less of me.

True. Just... whaaa?

The next person is afraid of heights.


The person below is omnipresent.

True (bow before me)

The next person hates tea! (the drink, not the escapee above)


The next person wants a pet ZP imp


The next person can sing!


The next person is so manly, they take 4 sh*ts a day and shave everywhere


The next person understood that!

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