Truth or False?

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The next poster prefers lager to ale.

True. In fact, I only like lager

The next person wishes more people would take birth control


The next person was drunk on new years, I know I was.


The person below me doesn't drink.


The person below lives close to the border of another country.

True, Border between France and Germany, on the French Side.

The person below me didn't make a new year's resolution.


The next person wonders why people celebrate New Years


The next person has played Fatal Frame

Somewhat true.

The person below me doesn't understand why people get drunk and have a hangover on the first day of the new year.


The person below me prefers showers to baths


The person below me prefers Torchlight II to Diablo III.

False, never played any of them.

The person below me has money in their wallet right now.

Yes, 1400 euro to be exact, thank you part-time work!

The person below has a job.

False, but might be true soon.

Y U NO ask me something?

The next person loves diving in slow motion

If Max Payne is anything to go by, yes!

Th next person takes a long time to eat their food.


The person below me thinks pizza is better the next day.

I don't mind

Sean Connery is best pony

Um... what?

The person below has a cat.

I "Had" a cat :(

The person below has lost a pet (to death or otherwise)


The next person likes elephants

True. The baby ones are adorable.

The next person thought Final Fantasy VII was over-rated.

True. Great game and I loved it but it wasn't the second coming of Christ.

The person below me has played more than three JRPGs.

True, I love JRPG's like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IX.

The next person has done a Scarface impression at some point in their lives.

True. I mean, who hasn't?

The next person was badly hungover on New Year's.

False, thankfully. 2 beers + 2 Bond movies = quiet night in

The next person barely survived the hideous torture of being subjected to the Knights who say "Nii"

False. I am a member of that dread order. >:D

Sometimes water makes you thirstier.


Soda is even worse.


The next person likes Cowboy Bebop

False - I've never seen it or know what it is.

The next person lives on a multi-coloured diet and farts rainbows.


The person below me feeds crocodiles to their rainbow unicorns.

True (gotta feed em something)

The next person is feeling SUPER!


The next person is TizzytheTormentor.


The next person has a capcha in their post!


The next post will give someone cancer

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