Truth or False?

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True that's bad arse.

The person below me has a motto.

I have one on my profile, but I wouldn't say it's really my motto. (Even though they are)

The person below is a squirrel.


The next person can remember the last time they soiled themself

the person below me is sick of gun threads.


The next person thinks Sleeping Dogs is a humourous title

Somewhat true!

The next person thought Sleeping Dogs was Watch Dogs but with a title change.

Sort of true

The person below me never finished Sleeping Dogs.

True, never played it.

The person below is a book reader!


The person below me is a manga reader!


The person will answer either true or false.


The person below me saw that coming.


The person below will reply in German!

Die Person unter mich kann nicht Deutsh verstanden.

Hayýr, efendim

The next person knows how to change the language settings on their computer


The person below me doesn't watch much tv.


The person below jumped a shark!


The person below loves anime.

The person below me once punched a baby.

true, but it was a robot

The person below me will also understand Ukranian
Як справи


El hombre bajo no podo comprehendo Español.

Falso, el Español es mi primer leguaje, y lo siento decirlo pero el tuyo es horrible, sigue practicando -_-
The correct phrasing would be "El hombre[1] de abajo no comprehende[2] Español

The person below thinks I'm being a prick.

[1] Though "La persona", which means the person (obviously) would be a better word choice.
[2] Or "no entiende"

False. You're alright mate.
Also it's awesome that you got to answer that last question.

The person below me has gone for a run recently. (Of their own free will)

False, What is this running you speak of?

La prochaine personne parle français


Το επόμενο πρόσωπο που μιλά ελληνικά

(I used Google Translate so don't be too judgemental)


¨ÃÔ§ (let's stop this silly game for now)

The next person has done a Bill Cosby impression in their life


the person below me has never heard of me before 2013


The person below me is vain.

True I even think this song is about me.

The person below me can play an instrument.

False (curls up in a corner sobbing) Why can't it be easy?

The next person will help me rule the world

True, but only from the shadows.

The next person will try to stop us.

True, I need this world.

The person below reads the first page of forum games they play from time to time.


The person below has used a crossbow before.

False. I'd like to

The next person will rate this game of the year



You will roll up to the Magical Mystery Tour.

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