Truth or False?

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Ewww, false.

The next person also felt sick reading ultradeth's question.

Nope, I kinda do in an odd way, at least, more than other people's.

The person below now thinks less of me.

True. Just... whaaa?

The next person is afraid of heights.


The person below is omnipresent.

True (bow before me)

The next person hates tea! (the drink, not the escapee above)


The next person wants a pet ZP imp


The next person can sing!


The next person is so manly, they take 4 sh*ts a day and shave everywhere


The next person understood that!

False, no idea what he's on about?

The person below me likes Tizzy's new avatar. Cause I do

True, I like all of Tizzy's avatars.

The next person has godlike powers.


The next person is on my friend list.


The next person is NOT on my friends list... yet!


The next person would love to play this

True, looks like the next big game.

The next person has an urge to eat pinecones.


The next person loves Studio Ghibli.

Fralse. I don't know what that is.

I am incredibly tired.

True, I guess. =/

The next person is shocked that Red doesn't know what Studio Ghibli is.

I don't know either

The next person thinks Tizzy's new avatar is the cutest (too much CUUUUTE! UBLUGH! MY EYES!)

No, but it's kinda cool I guess

The next person likes chocolate?

False, I've had too much lately. Getting sick of it.

The person below still has toys from their childhood.

True. The toy in question happens to be a stuffed dog from my mother's childhood as well, talk about mileage.

The person below has a bad case of nostalgia glasses.

True. I have it engraved on my real glasses.

The person below changes their title frequently.

False, I'm not a pub club member so I can't. =/

The next person is also not a member of the pub club.


but the person below does go to pubs frequently


The next person is a lumberjack


The person below me has a .gif for an avatar


The person below me already broke their new year's resolution.

Never had one

The next person would like to go BASE jumping

True, seems fun.

The person below me has a cool accent.


The next person enjoys a box of chocolates with a movie


The next person is a grammar Nazi.


The person below me has been to the snow before.


The person below me is looking for a job.


The next person has been so high they can taste colours

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