Truth or False?

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San Francisco isn't that bad... I mean the hippies are nice...

The person below me is just jealous of the good weather...

False, we're getting good weather here too.

The person below me is currently watching television.

True, Moneyball is on.

The person below me has had their heart broken.

False. I've been sad but not really heart broken.

The person below has lost something important to them.

True, Here a picture of the thing in question.

The person below me loves Youtube Poops.

True, Here a picture of the thing in question.

The person below me loves Youtube Poops.

HA nice! I can see how it would pain you to lose that.

False they are to random for me.

The person below me likes really random comedy.

True. Comedy is comedy (when it's good)

The person below does impersonations when noone is around.


The person below me has conversations with imaginary people in their head.

False it's too crowded up here to begin with.

The sound of rain helps the next person sleep.


The next person can't get enough of Vagineer and his antics


The next person needs a new butt because theirs has a crack in it.

I C wat U did there

The next person sells lolcats and lolcat accessories


The person below has a pet snake.

His name is Basil.

The person below me isn't outraged by DmC.

True. Although never playing the DMC series helps I suppose.

The person below needs a hug.

True, I'm usually fairly depressed.

The person below is a sandwich.

False. My pet Shoggoth ate it a few days ago. *laughs insanely*

The person below is.

I guess that's true, though I could be some sort of computer algorithm and not actually exist, but considering what I say I'd be the most useless algorithm and have no idea why someone would program an algorithm to be depressed every now and again @_@

The person below is not a computer algorithm.

I can;t say one way or the other...<.<

The person below me likes cheetos...


The person below me prefers biscuits to packet chips.

depends if you mean American biscuits, or your kind of biscuits...<.<

The person below me has a fast computer...

It's pretty quick

The next person has seen things, HORRIBLE things


True. Damn you goatse!

The person below me has never browsed that forum we aren't supposed to talk about. If you don't know what I'm talking about it's /b/ on 4chan.

Only if you count trouser snakes!!!! eh? EH? EEEEEEEEHHHHHH!?!?!?!?

sorry I just realized I commented on the wrong page. I have actually been there.

the person below me is cixelsyd.....

False, but my brother is.

The person below me wants to dance a little jig

Nope dawg I'm tired goodnight.

this question is in the form of an answer and the next persons answer will be a question.

Whaaaaaa? (ha, now it's true)

The person below me can read minds.


The next person will create their own "Evil Organisation" called Fagola INC.


The person below me will create an organization to take on both the Brovengers and those other guys.

False. I run the neutral organization, The Bunker.

The next person below me likes female legs.


Most people just don't realize the joys of shaving


The person below me now thinks YOLO is pretty funny.


The next person thinks Brazilians are cool

True I guess, I assume I've never met Brazilian people.

The person below knows the secrets of the universe.

All them, and they can all be summarized in two true universal statements:
Bitches be crazy! And,
Pimping ain't easy! (the OCD among you will notice that including spaces, they are 42 characters long)

The person below puts to much effort into unimportant tasks.

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