Truth or False?

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the person below me has never heard of me before 2013


The person below me is vain.

True I even think this song is about me.

The person below me can play an instrument.

False (curls up in a corner sobbing) Why can't it be easy?

The next person will help me rule the world

True, but only from the shadows.

The next person will try to stop us.

True, I need this world.

The person below reads the first page of forum games they play from time to time.


The person below has used a crossbow before.

False. I'd like to

The next person will rate this game of the year



You will roll up to the Magical Mystery Tour.


I will stab you

Hopefully false. 0-o

I'm going to eat a cake.

False, you can't have your cake AND eat it.

I enjoy making empty threats in forum games.

False, I'm sure.

The person below me isn't very religious.

Falso, el Español es mi primer leguaje, y lo siento decirlo pero el tuyo es horrible, sigue practicando -_-
The correct phrasing would be "El hombre[1] de abajo no comprehende[2] Español

The person below thinks I'm being a prick.

No sería comprende en vez de comprehende? Digo.

[1] Though "La persona", which means the person (obviously) would be a better word choice.
[2] Or "no entiende"

I'm Athiest

The next person wants an Omni-tool



The person below me watches Let's plays.

True, although I don't do it as frequently anymore.

The person below me likes Planetside 2.

I'm conflicted, I wish I liked it a lot more.

The person below me doesn't play indie games.

The person below me has never been to a zoo.


The person below me knows of Garfunkel and Oates.

False. Hall & Oates I have heard

By the day the next person is an ordinary person, but by night they transform into the Internet Superhero "El Stupido"


The next person is going to buy the new Devil May Cry.

False. Not because of New Dante, just overall lack of interest.

The person below was bitten by something recently.


The next poster has more than 10 browser tabs open.

False. Only 2

The next person will use time-travel to weird stuff like this

False, I'm too scared of time paradoxes.

The person below me is going on a forum game binge.


The person below does not have an Invader Zim avatar.

True, a dog with no teeth.

The person below me doesn't have pets.

True, though there's a lovely cat where I'm staying for the holidays.

The person below me knows what the Konami Code is.

Of course I do.

The person below me has a cunning plan.

Yes, Lord Blackadder

The next person once held the world ransom by daring to divide by -5


The person below is Einstein.


The person below me worships Nikola Telsa

True he was an electrical bad arse. He really is to thank for having an Alternating current system. If DC was the norm like Edison wanted the world would be a very different place.

The person below me has been to a second world country.


The person below thinks this is a pointless question.


The next person wishes they could do things like in the game Prototype

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