Truth or False?

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True-ish. I'd like to be able to run that fast, but I wouldn't want anyone to see me and panic...

The person below me prefers Infamous.

I haven't played it

The next person likes scratching their nose


The user below likes Western movies.

True-ish. I've liked the few I've watched.

The person below me likes taking showers.


The person below me doesn't like social media being everywhere.

True, I like my privacy

The next person tried to drown someone in delicious cake

False, but now you've given me an idea...

The person below me has been the victim of having their face dunked in cake.


TPBM has been pied.


The person below me likes Hello Kitty.


The next person has broken a Pinkie Promise (bad idea!)

False, never made on.

The person below me has made many pinkie promises.

False, it's an american thing, I guess...

The person below me is a proper adult with responsibilities and shit to do.

false like I'd want to grow up!

The person below me has similar ideas about growing up


The next person most prized possesion is a Platinum-plated Chaingun with Mini-nuke attachment

Close, but it's a Platinum-plated Mini-nuke with a chaingun attachment.

The person below me wants cookies.

false I just went and had some

The user below doesn't know me well


The person below has been around on this site longer than I have.

Nope, not with an account, at least.

The person below me hates raisin cookies.


Sean Bean is Brilliant actor

TrueFalse. Mostly False.

The person below me likes Game of Thrones.
I don't. Too many low quality tits, not enough Arya.

False. Don't like it really, draggy as all hell.

The person below preferred my old Avatar =P

Medium, your new one is not bad

The next person shaves with a straight razor

False. Not nearly hairy enough for that.

The person below shaves with an electric razor.

False, I use an normal razor once a month at most, ahh the joys of youth (and fair hair)

The person below doesn't play mmo's


The person below DOES play mmo's!


The next person wishes they could Dragon Shout

True? False? What's a Dragon Shout?

Next person enjoys playing on-line.

False, it makes me all angsty and nervous about making mistakes.

The person below likes the Castlevania series.

Never played it

The next person is a bitch-ass

True, around certain topics.

The next person has a sad anecdote involving a save file.

Probably true, I can't remember them

This is the best method of making hamburgers

True. Very nutritious.

Love can come from anywhere.

False. Why hasn't it happened to me?!?!!

The next person prefers the crusts of bread

True I love bread with crust,

Waffle cone is the best Ice Cream cone.


The person below me hasn't had ice cream in a while.

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