Truth or False?

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False. Not nearly hairy enough for that.

The person below shaves with an electric razor.

False, I use an normal razor once a month at most, ahh the joys of youth (and fair hair)

The person below doesn't play mmo's


The person below DOES play mmo's!


The next person wishes they could Dragon Shout

True? False? What's a Dragon Shout?

Next person enjoys playing on-line.

False, it makes me all angsty and nervous about making mistakes.

The person below likes the Castlevania series.

Never played it

The next person is a bitch-ass

True, around certain topics.

The next person has a sad anecdote involving a save file.

Probably true, I can't remember them

This is the best method of making hamburgers

True. Very nutritious.

Love can come from anywhere.

False. Why hasn't it happened to me?!?!!

The next person prefers the crusts of bread

True I love bread with crust,

Waffle cone is the best Ice Cream cone.


The person below me hasn't had ice cream in a while.


The person below me enjoys eating grapes...

True, grapes are nice :3

Mango is the most delicious fruit ever.

I prefer orange

The next person wants to go hang gliding


The person below looked like the image below after watching the video above.


The next person has a bounty on their head worth 100,000 internetz

False, it's a lot more than that.

The person below can do something incredible, and will tell us all about it.

False. I'm below average at best.

The person below me is the most average of the average.

False, I'm quite far below average...

The person below me enjoys petting kittens...

True I guess.

The person below me hates San Francisco!

San Francisco isn't that bad... I mean the hippies are nice...

The person below me is just jealous of the good weather...

False, we're getting good weather here too.

The person below me is currently watching television.

True, Moneyball is on.

The person below me has had their heart broken.

False. I've been sad but not really heart broken.

The person below has lost something important to them.

True, Here a picture of the thing in question.

The person below me loves Youtube Poops.

True, Here a picture of the thing in question.

The person below me loves Youtube Poops.

HA nice! I can see how it would pain you to lose that.

False they are to random for me.

The person below me likes really random comedy.

True. Comedy is comedy (when it's good)

The person below does impersonations when noone is around.


The person below me has conversations with imaginary people in their head.

False it's too crowded up here to begin with.

The sound of rain helps the next person sleep.


The next person can't get enough of Vagineer and his antics


The next person needs a new butt because theirs has a crack in it.

I C wat U did there

The next person sells lolcats and lolcat accessories


The person below has a pet snake.

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