Truth or False?

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@Scorptatious: Verdad :P

@Dj_DEnM: False I've never ever even had one.

The next person won't get ninja'd.

True (looks around carefully)

The next person wishes they could fart fire

False, rainbows actually.

The person below me secretly wishes they had the power of flight.

False, that is no secret, not since the CIA infiltrated my underwater base

The person below has stared death in the face.

False, unless you mean crashing into a buffalo.

The next person has been stampeded by animals.

True, I was crushed by my neighbors many puppies.

The next person has a youtube channel they manage regularly.

False, I only watch videos on YouTube.

The next person has been bungee jumping.

No, and I don't think I will.

The next person has more than one computer.

True, and all of them run Linux! :-D

The next person has considered computer hacking someday.

False. Unless the accounts are no longer in use and I get free XP from it

The next person will now assume direct control of this thread

False, I can't do that shit yet. Give it a few years.

The next person isn't a gamer.

False, what would I be doing on an gaming magazine forum if I wasn't?

The person below me is a bookworm.

True. I just need the good stuff...

The next person appreciates politics. >.>

False, they're important but just so utterly boring.

The next person's birthday is next month.

False, it's in October.

The next person doesn't like to drink milk.

False, I love milk with no sugar. Can't stand sweetened milk.

The next person has played an eroge that really affected them.

False (I had to look it up)

The next person wants to be mummified in melted cheddar

False, that sounds disgusting.

The next person really loves cheese.

True, but I prefer cheddar

The next person likes to smear Danish blue on their feet

False, I prefer smearing goat cheese on my feet.

The next person is currently drinking a beer.

False, I did last night however

The next person will launch their evil satellite in 24 hours

False. <_<

The person below hates group projects.

True. I freaking hate group projects.

The next person is procrastinating on an assignment.

False (Unless you count my first Mass Effect 3 playthrough as an assignment)

The next person has the most 80s singing voice ever


The person below has been complimented for his/her singing voice.


The person below me tries singing despite being terrible at it.
My high school was full of people like that. It was very annoying.

True, but I was somewhat good. >.>

The next person can't dance.

True, although I think I can when drunk.

The next person loves chocolate.

False, I feel pretty 'meh' about chocolate.

The next person actually loves Mondays.

False when I was school, indifferent now.

Every day is the same for the person below me.

FALSE! Not at all. :-D

The next person has considered some form of cheesy romantic date. ;-P

False, we couldn't go on long walks on the beach because I despise going out.

The next person wishes they could pilot a Reaper

False, way too creepy.

The next person really wishes they could go to outer space.

Tralse. I would love to see the view from there, but it seems like way too much trouble actually getting there.

The person below is from the other side of the mirror.

*gasp* How did you know!?!?

The next person has a 4.0 GPA.

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