Truth or False?

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The next person has Augmentations (No reason they just wanted them)

False, not yet, but I'm so buying those Google glasses when they come out which are kinda like augmentations.

The next person also wants to be a cyborg!

True, although my ship kinda is one already.

The last person wants me to eat his planet.

False. Eat everything on it, that's a different matter

The next person just can't stop tinkering with gadgets

False. Although I am in a photography class, so that's most likely going to change.

The person below is not amused.


The next person enjoys stroking their chest hair


The person below me does not like being touched.

True, I don't like it at all, I'm either going to punch you or just stand there motionless trying really hard to not cry.

The person below does not go into tangents often.


Conversations with the person below me tend to be just them doing the talking.

True/False On-line it sometimes happens, IRL I'm rarely ever the one doing the talking, sometimes I give the impression that I'm mute, though I've been known to ramble about stuff every now and again, people say that I don't seem to make any sort of sense when I ramble though.

The person below acts very differently on real life and the Internet.

True, I tend to be nice on the internet. Whereas IRL, I like being more a dick. The main reason for this is without tone and body language, it comes out a lot worse on the internet.

The person below me has often wondered why people like clubbing?


The next person did not know these fascinating facts about Vagineers


The person below has played or at least heard of Nino No Kuni.


The next person eats plenty of fruit and vegetables

True (I think)

The next person is opposed to eating horse meat.

Truish. I'm not opposed to people who like eating horse meat, but I personally wouldn't want to try it.

The person below owns a gun.

False (it's Ireland, no guns here, at least none easy to find)

The next person admires the Amish.

Frue. They need to shave!

The next person wishes they could Hadouken

True, but I think everyone wants that.

The next person has a sword of some kind.

True (plasterboard)

The next person has a license to kill!

And I'm not afraid to use it.

The next person has a terrible secret gnawing inside.

I did long ago, but now he is dead. (sinister smile)

The next person has henchmen

False one day I hope to be a henchman.

The next person has a fondness for Jazz.


The next person has plans for this weekend.


The next person enjoys popping zits


The next person enjoys popping other people's zits.

The next person enjoys mayonnaise at inhuman levels.

False. I don't like mayo.

The person below me thinks most condiments are alright.

False. Food is good enough without adding extra.

The person below me can cook alright.

False. I don't cook because I'm terrified of under cooking...

The person below me overcooks more.


The person below me has a "signature dish".

True Pea goes on almost everything.

The person below me has taken photos of their food before.


The person below me takes pictures of their food every time, and then tweets about it.

False. I still don't understand why that's a thing.

The person below me has a Twitter account they regularly use.

False. I have nothing to say.

The person below me hates how much useless crap is said on Twitter and facebook.

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