Truth or False?

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The next person has seen some weird hentai

Tralse. Just about all I have can be considered ecchi, but there is some weird stuff that may or may not cross the line...

The person below me does not fancy hentai.

True. Right now, at least. Yet I'm watching pseudo-hentai right now.

The person below me is not multitasking.


The person below me can't stand a poorly written Tsundere.

A what now? I'm going to go with true, because I can't stand a poorly written anything.

The next person thinks they could be a better president than Obama.


The person below can finish reading a book in one day.

True. Cracks me up when I see people's reactions to me finishing Brave New World, 1984, and Lord of the Flies in one day.

The next person is an avid artist.

I have no idea really.

The next person loves football.

False, I don't like sports.

The person below me likes hockey.

False. I used to be crazy about it but gave up on the NHL after the 04-05 lockout.

The next person wishes they were as cool as the Fonz.

I have no idea who the Fonz is.

The next person is really passionate about porn. *Interested Pridephonse is interested.*

Falsish. I wouldn't say I'm passionate about it, but I do hate it quite a bit.

The person below me only likes ecchi and the most softcore hentai available.

False. Not sure what ecchi is and I don't normally watch hentai.

The person below has seen enough hentai to see where this is going.


Next user will change the topic for something more kid firendly.


The next person is watching all the old Cartoon Network shows

False, I didn't grow up with them, so I'm not that bothered.

The next person enjoys something that he/she is deeply ashamed of.

False, pretty vanilla guy right here.

The next person lives in a country that is currently enjoying a frosty winter.

False, I wish.

The next person doesn't like sunbathing.

True. It's boring, and I end up falling asleep and getting burned instead of tanned.

The next person has a holiday abroad booked this year.


The next person fears all seasons (Here in England Summer is too hot and Winter is too cold)

False! I am in England and I fear not our summers or winters!

The next person has plans to go rock climbing in two week's time.


The next person likes the smell of aftershave

False never use it.

The person below me has made a forum game thread that has lasted more than a week.

False... I've never made one...

The person below me has a strong opinion on New Zealand...<.<

False. I'd love to go but have no opinion on the place.

The next person secretly wishes they were the opposite gender.


The person below is a tree hugger.


The next person makes their own sandwiches

True, it's been a long time since I made one though.

The next person preferred Digimon to Pokemon.

False. I didn't watch it much cause it was in Spanish and I don't like Spanish dubs, usually.

The person below me has seen the Spanish dub of DBZ and found it amazing.




The next person can fluently speak a language that wasn't their first.


The next person has watched a web series.


The next person has seriously considered flipping the table after reading something rage-inducing on the Internet.


The person below does not have a table nearby to flip.

True, the way it's positioned it won't flip.

The person below me has never flipped a table.


The next person loves Calibrating stuff


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